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Daily Chat: Monday 17th February 2014

Daily Chat: Monday 17th February 2014

Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to a brand spanking new week which puts us into the 2nd half of February already :o

This is my first day of my first full week back in the office so hopefully I can have a good old catch up with you all. Everything seems to look different for some reason, maybe it's because I've been reading posts via my phone whilst on the hop for most of the time :-/

I hope the weekend passed relatively smoothly for you all and that all temptations sent by those pesky piggin' cravings were let in through the front door and shown very briskly out through the back one :-)

I have a meeting booked in this afternoon but am pretty much around if anybody needs owt :-)

I think a cup of tea for this catch up is needed :-)

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Hi Emjay,

good to see you around, All good in my camp so far this morning, although work is mental busy!!!!

Have a good day

Al x



I'm really struggling today, I woke up and smoked two dog ends from the ashtray (plant pot) outside and then went and bought a packet of 10. I smoked about half of four and then threw the rest away and havfe gone back to the patches. I feel so low and depressed today and not connected to the rest of the world. I actually nearly started to cry when I got to my office, I feel like I just want to curl up and shut the world out for a few months :-( I feel like a big wuss, but its the way I'm feeling!!! Hopefully the patch will kick in and I'll start to feel better!!

Hope everyone else is OK?



Awww Chrissy come here hun ( big hugs )! just don't complain when my hair gets caught in your beard lol!! I shed a lot, like a spaniel :(

Sounds like today has been super tough for you, but on the positive side, you threw more fags away than you smoked wooohooooo < does a jig and starts a conga off around the office >

I haven't used patches so not sure how long they take to kick in, but hopefully by the time you pick this up they will have started working. :)

Its weird but a lot of folk on here struggling at the moment, and I don't wonder if the pants weather hasn't had some part in it, being stuck in, feeling trapped and low?

Anywhoo I better get some work done, as it is mental in here today, I am knee deep in gurkhas lol!!!

Take care and pop back to let us know you are ok.

ooh and throw those fag butts from your plant pots away.....no one needs to be finding them again :)

Al x


Hi Chrissy, Yeah know just what your feeling, Remember we are all here whether at work or at home, and with you on your shoulder, helping you along, Big Smiles please, :-D there that's better already, xx


Hey Chris, the way you are feeling is all part and parcel of the stopping smoking journey. Don't worry though as it won't last forever. You may have already found out - stopping smoking can be one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotions which includes feelings of scared, happy, sad, fun and dare I even say wackyness?!

These emotions just come and go and can't always be expected. However, try and see them as positive sign that your body is showing signs of recovery and your mind is just recognising that you are no longer feeding it with all those (4,000 plus) chemicals.

Don't focus on all the cigarettes that you have smoked, think about all the ones that you haven't smoked. How you are feeling is normal and as I say, won't last forever.

You've done the right thing by putting your patch on and bobbing on here.

Let us know how you are feeling now and we'll work through this together :-)

Although you may not feel like it at certain times, you are actually doing really well. You are making every effort to combat this in a true winning style :-)

Al, good to hear all is good in the hood for you. I'm with you on the busyness of work side - I can't seem to catch myself up and feel like everyone wants a bit of me in other areas of my work... If I could just chop myself up into pieces and spread myself around a bit, I'd be onto a winner ;-)

Big waves to anyone else looking in :-)


Hello everyone, I hope you are all ok. Not had chance to come on site as childminding today 8.00am to 6.00pm so worn out now. I have both grandaughters all of the week. Love it really :)

Good to see Muddles getting back on track.

Chrissy your doing well , even with your set back . Stay positive you can do it. :)

Well I am going to make a cuppa and chill for a while. :)


Chris (((((((GIANT HUGS))))))) heading your way.I just feel so sorry that you're having such a tough time.Lost count of the number of times I've been where you are now (& that includes hunting over the back yard for dog ends long enough to smoke!!!) You absolutely and without a doubt will get there but only when the time is right for you.

Maybe take a quiet 5 minutes and examine the reasons why you want to give up,write a list of the pro's and con's,which is longer?

Think of the health benefits,cash benefits etc.

Feeling the way you do as EmJay has said is normal especially with the horrible wet and cold weather.Just don't put anymore pressure on yourself,maybe set another quit date and work towards that.Maybe your NRT isn't working for you,can you change it or get maybe something to go with it like an inhilator so you get that hand to mouth thing which feels like you are smoking.Anyway,enough of my rambling,my love and hugs to you,Stay with us kiddo,we need you !!! H

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Hi everyone

Thanks for the words of encouragement and support. It really does mean a lot :)

It's funny that even though I have smoked a little today, I am not counting it as a failure. If anything it has just made me more determined not to go back.

H you are right. My choice of NRT (Lozenges) 2mg weren't enough for me and I have bought patches and put one on this morning and I have been fine. I was pushing myself a bit too hard which Al pointed out. I don't really get on with the inhalator so not really an option for me!

I have poured water on the fag buts Al so I won't be smoking them. I do believe you have a point regarding the weather. It is depressing and getting me down. Loads of things going on at work which doesn't help either.

Thanks Emjay for the tips, according to my app I HAVENT smoked 164 fags which is pretty amazing :) I'm feeling better tonight, took my dog for a walk and just chilled out getting my head together.

Thanks for the support mrsunnyside & jillygirl.

It's funny but I stopped drinking nearly 7 years ago and found it easier than stopping smoking but that was with lots of support and I think the same is needed for smoking. Well obviously cos we are all here with a shared purpose and support each other. We'll you are all supporting me at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to return the favour soon :)


Good evening everybody :)

I hope your all well and smoke free :) :) Unfortunately I'm not !! smoke free that is !!

I had some ermm, lets just say some difficulties yesterday evening, so I went for a walk with a pack of 20 !!!!!!

I have PMd Emjay, so that she can take the 4 Month badge down, but have also asked her to keep it for me, cos I will be needing it again in 4 Months time. Cos I aint giving up giving up, I tell ya !!!!

Just a little pointer for you all, you have got to stay focused and above all, POSITIVE on your quit journey, cos if you have any doughts then mr nic WILL strike HARD and FAST !!!!!! as I know :( :(

My new quit date is tomorrow 18th February 2014.

You all take care now, sweet dreams and huggs heading your ways, although saying that, I could do with some rite now, I tell ya, speak soon, Pete.


Hi Pete, sorry to hear you fell off the waggon again, tho living in a house with 2 smokers who refuse to respect your own desire to stop doesn't exactly help. You can actually remove your badge yourself as I did when it was pointed out to me that I wasn't worthy of it, even tho I was already acutely aware that I am still an addict.

To be honest I really wouldn't bother starting all over again just go back to whatever you were using before and just carry on not smoking. Last night you asked for help and all you got was some idiot wind up merchant who it would appear has nothing better to do with their time. Of course I don't mean Ellie who did try to help but rather the other rude comment which appears now to have been removed.

It all goes to prove Pete that some of us do find quitting incredibly hard, that we're not all the same and that some people like you and me are still struggling well over 12 months on. This is why I get so annoyed with the stupid health service and their ridiculous 4 weeks quit and they think you're half way there.


oh Yikes sin! didnt see what happened last night, but assuming it was that clown that was on here a few weeks ago, giving it large about using NRT. Hey get ya badge back up, you are smoke free and that person is probably going around all the sites causing trouble x

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It's not a failure. It's a blip. What doesnt matter is that you had the blip, what does matter is how you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on again. Learn from it. Maybe we can explore alternatives you could use if the same series of events happen again


Thank you Ellie :) :)

Yeah, I thought I could dust myself down and carry on again, But its not that easy this time :(

Erm, thank you again Ellie for your help and support, luvs ya :) xx


Hi pete and big hugs to you. I know exactly how you feel......but I also know that you definitely shouldn't beat ya self up!!!! What has worked for me this time was I forgot about that damned wagon I fell off! (Bruised hip and ego ouch!) and just really tried to internalize what I was feeling each time I reached for a stick or a drag. I didn't put any pressure on myself, kept taking the Champix and sure enough little by little I found myself wanting it less. It's the first time in 35 years of smoking that I've thought about it that way. It felt a bit like....you know when a naughty kid gets told not to do something and they go right ahead and do it just to p$&# ya off? Well that's what my internal child was reacting to. My brain and the Champix was saying STOP and my inner child said "I will have one if I want". It's worked for me for the moment anyway.....

On top of all that I just wanna say what a wonderful person you are. You were one of the first to greet me on here and you've always been so upbeat and positive. Now start listening to the wonderful person you are and kick that inner self up the butt and know that you've helped me and no doubt many others :). You can do it mate!!!!!!

Let's work towards our milestone badges together xxx


Aup Mardi, I hope I've got your name right :o

Thank you soo much for your comments and support :)

Its lovely to know that even living as far away as you do, we can still give each other help and support :) :)

Luvs ya gal :) xxx


Hey Pete,

Its not a failure just a glitch in the matrix hun, and how you managed to stop for as long as you did with 2 other smokers in your home is amazing to me :)

Keep ya chin up, jump back on the horse...... and giddyup :)

You know you can do it, and have been such an inspiration to me and so friendly, we all loves ya.

Al x


Thanks Al, erm, chin nearly up, just got to do some thinking about things eh :o Thank you sooo much for your support Al, luvs ya ta bits gal :) xx

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Hi Pete

Sorry to hear this. Didn't see the jerk's comments. Don't feel too disappointed in yourself....it's one day out of many. Just pick up where you left off. You know we are all rooting for you :)

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Thank you Rozi :) and thank you for putting that comment up yesterday about mr nic !! and how he treats us !! very good reading :)

You take care now :) xx


Hi Pete, Well what can I say !! BLAST, DAM IT, etc !!!! Thinking of you, Onwards and upwards again eh. Please keep smiling, :-)


:) :) thank you Sunny :) :)

Take care gal :) xx


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