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tripped up

Hello all, I am 55 and new to this. Not the attempting to quit smoking but using tech. as a support system. I am 4 days in and of course found an old pack of smokes in a coat pocket which I smoked immediately. Getting back on track though. Given my decades of smoking, the need and motivation to quit due to new long term health fears and realities, I pray will be the motivation I need. Given all the triggers I have in life to smoke I am doing all I can to find new tricks to distract my self until the chemical and psychological urge passes. Thank you all for this venue.

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All been there. You did it for 4 days and evil Mr Nic presented you with an opportunity like the devil himself.

I really found gum and patches gave me "the break" to concentrate on not lighting up. I could concentrate on that element.

First 2 weeks were a nightmare but each day has got better and better. To the point now when the thought of going through giving up is not worth it for the sake of burning a paper tube for 2 minutes, for a little buzz from a load of chemicals. Total saving £336- ( £40 NRT gum patches) £296 over 7 weeks

Try again, you had a tiny glitch, but in theory in 96 hours you smoked for about 10 minutes which is a blip. Its avoiding going back to the hourly habit you want to worry about.

Keep going. I have found this site a godsend so keep coming back.



Hiya journey and welcome to quit support :) :)

As Jim has said, you had a small glitch and now you're back on track. Unfortunately as we all know it's not easy but with the help and support from this site, it will make a huge difference. We all want the same thing............to quit and stay quit. You will get lots of tips from here to overcome your cravings and pick you up when feeling down. Have a good nose around hints and tips on the right. Read some of the journeys other people have posted and it will inspire you to keep going. You can do this and we can help. It's a friendly bunch on here and you are welcome to join in. Just wondered if you don't mind me asking are you quitting cold turkey or using nicotine replacement ? Using tech as a support system is brilliant and I wouldn't be here without it :) :) x


Hey! Welcome to Quit Support, a place where you'll find heaps of hints and tips and get plenty of support from others who have been right where you are :-)

Well done to you for getting back on track, true winning style :-)

I'm assuming that Sunday was your quit date? I'll pop your name up on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner ;-)

Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for making the best decision ever for your health :-) if you need anything just give us a shout :-)

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Hi journey and a big welcome to quit support :) :)

You have been given some great advice by the others. I just wanted to add - try reading Allen Carr " Easy way to quit smoking"as this really does help put smoking in to prospective,

All the very best and stick with us.. we will help you every which way we can :) :)

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Hey Journey, we have all had those blips in our numerous quit journeys!! But you have got straight back on so well done for that :)

For me it was patches this time with gum (it tastes disgusting) as a back-up. Each one of us has gone thru/still going thru every withdrawal and using every type of NRT help or those very brave people that have gone cold turkey :)

There is a wealth of information on this site and I guarantee if your struggling with something whether psychological or health worries, then there will be someone on here who can assist you so please make sure you come on here and shout....

I would not be this far down the road if it wasn't for the good people on this site, so please use us for support.... we know how it feels :)

Stay strong and keep focussed :)

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Hi ya Journey and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

I see you've had loads of help and advice already from some of the guys and gals on here :) :) as you can see from the Winners badges, this tech support system does work :) I'm 9 months quit today :) and I know I couldnt have done it without the help and support from this forum and all the lovely people on it :)

Just wondering if you are using any form of NRT to help you with your quit ? or do your doctors have a quit support centre ?

Good luck and hope to see you soon :)

Pete :)



MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS MONKY on your 9 month quit :) :)

Hope you like your new badge :)

Soooooooooo proud of ya, brilliant fantastic, well done :) :) x


Thankyouuuuuuuu sooooo much Briar :) :)

Hmmmm, I suppose that means I will have love ya alllllllllll day long now then :P :D :D :D xx


Yep it does ;) :D x


Ah MASSOOSIVE CONGRATULATIONS monky, am sooo proud of you😀 9 months is fantastical hun 😀 I am delighted for ya :) :D


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