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Are you putting weight on whilst quitting ??

Doikosp, a friend of ours from the Weight Loss Board posted this for us a few months ago now, just have a look and see what you think :)

But what's the point - I'll only end up putting on weight!

Hi Folks,

I'm visiting from the Weight Loss board and just wanted to say that from time to time people tell us there that they're addressing their 'extra' weight which they've gained since they've giving up smoking.

Generally, I'd advise you to tackle your smoking first and then - when you have that well under your control -, then consider addressing any weight gain that may have occurred. And there's plenty of good (and FREE) advice on the NHS live well lose weight web pages and lots of support on our board, mainly from people who are on weight loss journeys themselves or have completed them.

Since last Christmas, I've lost about 26 kgs and I can't really put into words just how much better I feel for it. My only question is why oh why didn't I deal with it years ago?

What I will say though is that when I look at the best life decisions that I have ever made, losing the weight, and giving up smoking (I was once a 60-a-day man) are two that are well up at the top of the list.

Good luck with your smoking cessation efforts.

To access the NHS Weight Loss community please click on the following link:


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Thank you Monky. Interesting reading :)


I'm so sorry Biccie, the link dosnt work :o

Please try this one :)



Thanks for this Monky,

I am already a chubster and really not worrying about the weight gain aspect just yet...once my jeans are busting at the seams no doubt i will be on here bleating on about it :(:(:(

I dont over eat, not at all, very sensible with my food, but i dont exercise enough.Luckily i am walking the dogs twice a day now, so hopefully that will help a little x


Thanks for refreshing this post Pete, you're a star :-)

I bet those puppy dogs are grateful for the extra walks Al, you can use them to your advantage - either walk them on a nice relaxing walk - a stroll round the park or step it up and power march those pooches ;-)

Missbiccie, Welcome to Quit Support :-) I've not had a chance to say hello yet :-)

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