Hello everyone, Weekend here again, time to relax for most of us. Welcome back to Yellownowdrop we all missed you. Now the operation is over you take it easy. :)

Stay positive if its your first weekend of not smoking, shout for help if you need it,we are all here for you.

First job of the day , kettle on. :)

catch up later.

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  • Happy Saturday everyone :D I'm just meeting some friends for lunch but I'll pop on laters :-)

  • Emjay, a happy Saturday to you too gal :)

    Hmmmmm, thats one hell of a long lunch you having gal :o ;)

    :D :D :D

  • Hope you enjoyed your lunch Emjay.

    I've now joined anxiety support. Loads of lovely people on there like there's on quit support.


    Do you know if health unlocked will be providing an app?

  • Hi ya Jillygirl :) and yep, am a smiling gal :)

    I hope you havnt had toooo much work to do today eh :o and got your feet up now :) :)

    I've got my feet up now, cos ave been here, there and every flippin where today :o and am kippered now :o :| Soooo as our Emjay would say, am chillaxing now :) :)

  • Hahaha Pete, chillaxing :-)

  • Yeah, it usually involves a tin, or 6! (Whooooosh!!!) :P ;-) :D :D

  • What's every bodies tipple?

    I haven't drunk snice giving up, worried in case I want a fag.

    But I would love a shot of Bushmills :-)

  • A nice pint of Guinness (how Irish of me lol). Drinking is what has ruined a few of my previous attempts to quit.

  • Yeah I nearly fell at the start by having a couple of cans of Stella. I so could of easily picked up a fag. Glad I didn't. But now I'm a little worried about drinking again.

  • You done well not to give in. Drinking is def my biggest worry. But i know a few people that have quit and when they drink they don't even think about smoking so it can be done. I'm off to bed here. Been waking up the last 2 nights at 3 o clock! Tiredness catching up with me. Good night all :-)

  • Had a couple of glasses of red wine tonight tough without a white stick but managed it and enjoyed it x

  • I do love an artisan cider. I've managed a couple since I Quit without the need for a smoke

  • I may treat myself to a bottle of really nice and expensive whiskey. I've yet to treat myself to anything nice since quitting. I think its time to raid my money pot :-)

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