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Now off NRT :-)

After what seems like forever, I'm now off any NRT.

It's was one hell of a ride and I would feel a lot more happy about it if my anxiety was not such pain in the arse!

But I'm back at work now, everyday gets just that little bit easier (only very little) and I'm looking forward to a smoke free and stress free summer :-)

Thanks to everyone for supporting me. When I get a chance I will write my quit story. It will be interesting to read it vack myself.

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Congratulations Morriemoo that is good news, I have had a bad couple of days although still not smoking really do not feel comfortable enough to come off the patches will try again soon once this bad session has gone but doing OK, you must and should be really proud of yourself well done


Thanks Kaprin,

I think you will know when your ready to come off.

After not putting it on till 2pm and taking it of at 7pm I soon realised that actually, like Emjay said, we have already done all the work the patches were only there to take the edge off.

You will do this Kaprin :-) x


Morriemoo, oh yes I surely will x


Well done on truly becoming a non-smoker!


Thanks rainbow. It will be you soon :-) x


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