21 days off cigs.....but nrt is my next challenge

I've been smoke free for 21 days.....1 week of patchs......and gum for the rest......I've done this before and been smoke free for years without any nrt but after starting the gum .......well I enjoy it.....too much......tomorrow I'm going to start tapering off.....My plan is to rid myself of nicotine totally.......

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  • Hiya edonald and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on 21 days quit, brilliant👍

    Just a little tip for you to ease off the gum is if you alternate ordinary gum with the nicotine one. it makes it a bit easier to wean off it. Good luck with this and if you need any help just pop on here and there's always someone around to help😊x

  • Hi ya Edonald a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and a massive well done to you keeping smokefree for 21 days :) :)

    My advice would be to get some ordinary gum and alternate it with the nrt gum, then tapper the nrt gum off gradually :)

    You sound as if you know what you want and are focused on being nic free :) :) and I just cant fault you 1 little bit for that :)

    Edonald, if you could please give me your quit date, then we can add you to the Wall of Winners and assign a Winners badge to you :)

    Hope to speak soon :) Pete :)

  • May 25, 2015 was my quit day. I went to bed Sunday night with a patch. I had only a few patches left as previous attempts were short lived. I had the gum in reserve as well.......so when the patches ran out gum was good enough to get me through the cravings and still does. I am going to have to set another quit date for the gum. I am feeling much better since quitting smoking but I want to be totally free of nicotine. I know I can do it and I will gain control of my life again. Thanks for your support I really need that extra umphhh......to get me over the top. This is a great site and thanks again. Don

  • Thank you Don for letting me know your quit date :) and as you see, you are now the very proud owner of a 3 weeks Winners badge :) and I tell you Don, I cant wait to catch you a new 4 weeks Winners badge :) A massive great big well done to you Don :) :)

    As I have said before, you know what you want, you know where your going and I just flippin looooove it pal :) :) with the frame of mind you have, it is just fantastic :) and I know you WILL do it :) :)

    Please Don, if you need any help what so ever, just you give us a nudge eh :) and we will try to help you :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Wow just loving your new badge and you'll get lots of umphhh on here Don👍😉x

  • Hi Donald and a welcome to quit support :) :)

    Congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking and being 3 weeks smoke free :) :)

    Take a read of some of the information under the topic headings as you will find a lot of info on what to expect as your body recovers from the nicotine.

    You do sound very determined so that too will help you on your quit journey :) )

    All the very best of luck


  • Will do be on 21 days smoke free never used the gum as I don't like any form of gum but I would agree with the advice given. Best wishes for your quit. Take care Deb xx

  • Thank you all for your support. Still smoke free and going to start sub'ing Fishermans Friends (Lemon) instead of nico gum. They are strong minty menthol flavored and quite different. KInda take my breath away in a good way. Again, your comments have been deeply appreciated.........Thanks Again.........Don

  • Hay Don, I've heard of fishermans friends helping other members tooo :) so I hope they work for you :) maybe the first couple of days will be a bit ermmm, iffffy eh, but you will get used to them :)

    Don, your well on your way to being nic free now :) and am flippin loving it pal :) :) You be PROUD of yourself and go flippin treat yourself to something hmmm, yummmmmy :) :)

    You take care now :) Pete :)

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