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E-cigarettes NRT :)

Still going on the E-cig's week 19 been on hols on all inclusive & have a few beer's as before on weekends but not fell off the wagon yet ,next red letter day Im using 6mg fluid at moment which is the last stage before 0Mg nicotine free ,the date I take the last step will be the 1st of July so if there is a mad person in Newton Abbot ripping peoples heads off you know who it is lol

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Hi Simon, I`m Jilly girl (the daft one :D ) pleased to meet you.

Well done on your quitting thats brill. :)

As for a mad person in Newton Abbot, theres one here up in Yorkshire too.

Anyway got to go now as busy day with family visiting. Will chat later. :)


family coming to visit ouch may the force be with you you need it lol


Hey simon, your right about ouch ! , Brother just called to say it will be teatime before he arrives. typical got a load of food in for lunch as well as tea. Ah well I suppose i can pig out on the food whilst i wait for him. Still better than the other piggies (ciggies) see ya later. x :)


Hiya Simon, Wow, 19 weeks and still counting! I wonder if we ever stop counting or does that come with years? :o Great you managed a holiday - with booze! - and didn't fall off the wagon. I'm sure you'll be fine come the 1st July. A friend of mine who gave up some years ago said she used a pencil - just for something to fiddle with - so that might be a tip for you as you've still been 'fiddling' with your quit. :D :D

Congratulations on getting this far - I'm sure you'll manage the whole distance, stay strong.

Andi :)


Hi Simon24

CONGRATULATIONS on you’re quit. 19 weeks that brilliant 8-) . Everyone on here is very supportive and friendly and I am sure you will enjoy logging on to our blog.

If you need any advice or anything answering just give us a shout.

Speak soon


Aup Simon,

I'm Pete the poor old boy who keeps getting - got at by the mad Girlies on here :o :D

Great that you have been on your hols, and had a drink !! but kept focused and stayed strong as well, because that is my worste time for the piggies nibbling at me. :)

Your doing just great pal, a lot better than i am :( on my 13th day- 4th attempt at quitting, but am going to do it this time :) keep strong and will speak later.

Pete :)


Week 23 still on E-cigs down to 4mg strength did 2 weeks of 0Mg didnt murder anyone but it was close ,slight set back on 4mg but goes to show how much even 4mg (which is about half the strength of an ultra light silk cut) makes to your health and temperment so my plan this time is to wean my self down to 0mg over longer time 6mg to 0mg was too much shock to the system.main thing is still havent reverted back to real fags so staying positive :)


Good morning Simon24

Sorry for the late reply. ?

Week 23 that’s amazing, you’re doing so well. Please keep positive, you’re doing the best thing for your body by stopping smoking.

In relation to the e-cigs; these depend a lot on brand and their recommendations of use. Try not to think of reducing the cartridges to 0mg as a negative, look at it positively. You’re further away from smoking cigarettes, which is the whole reason you’re here ;-)

We now need to look at reducing your e-cig usage. Can you please tell us;

•Is there a particular time during your day when you use your e-cig more?

•Can you link using your e-cig with a particular time, whether this is stress related, social or due to your smoking patterns?

I’m sure there will be others on here that can help too.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Take care


I general it works like smoking I can go hours with nothing but if my day takes a turn for the worse thats when I reach for the E-cig,other than that driving the only other time so I suppose thats the boredome times.

The weird thing is most people I know who try to stop smoking say when they have a drink they struggle ,that is one time I usually change my tip to 0Mg homemade e-fluid.

The only other thing I am finding is my sleep patterns are all over the place at night I wake and look at the clock at least 12 times ,but on the weekends I just have to sit on the sofa in the day & i'm nodding off


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