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Stop smoking apps?

Do any of you use any quit smoking apps? I use My Last Cigarette and Smoke FREE on my iPad, and Quitnow! And Stop Smoking Light on my android phone. Quitnow! Has a community but I think you guys are nicer. Wondering if you guys use any apps and do you find them useful? I've become obsessed with earning stars and medals. Only 11 hours and 20 minutes till I get my week smoke free star!

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Ok seeing its Wednesday and your doing fantastic this might keep you going for the next 11 + hours. :D :D :D



:D massive smiles at that! Thank you!


:D :D Yaye! :D :D


Yay well done :-)

I did download the NHS stoptober one but as I stopped a week before it didn't really work.

I never tried any others.


No never used any except this site, all Oi need I think x


Hi Ellie, I only used this community to help with my quit. I'm a bit of a dinosaur with apps and I don't have one of those new-fangled phones. :o I do know how to send a text though. :D :D

I'll congratulate you now for getting the first week under your belt a few hours early as I'll be in bed when the time rolls over. You're a star and I bet Maia would be so proud of you if she could speak. :D :D



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