Good evening, well what a quiet bunch today. Has everyone been busy xmas shopping or perhaps like Emjay got those gremlins on their pcs. Anyway whatever you have been doing I hope you are still strong and smoke free.

As for your cough Kronoskeylock, I would be tempted to get it checked out at the doctors. This time of year it could be a chest infection and nothing to do with stopping smoking. I will bob back on site later. :)

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  • Good evening Jillygirl, and everybody :)

    Ha ha ha just love the pic Jillygirl - It reminds me of Monkey my cat, when its cold and am in the garage, I put the heater on and shut the door !

    When she wants to come in and be nosey :o she jumps up at the padlock, and rattles it, just like a door knocker :D :D I have to let her in, cos otherwise she causes havoc in the garden :o as in digging plants up, giving the fish in the pond hell !! and tormenting the dogs next door, and the chickens at the other next door :o But I wouldn't change her one little bit, cos I luv her :)

    It's very quiet on here today, just wondering if they've all gone back to the smokes again :P :P :D :D :D Naigh, not all of them :o :|

    Hey, you done the supermarket dash yet ??

  • Hello Pete, supermarket done on my own by the way. vaccuming done. washing done ironing done, prepared dinner, eaten dinner done. feet up ready for telly done. :D

  • Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, just cant fault you gal :) erm, just wondering about hubby !! have you chained him up somewhere ?? :D :D :D

  • Hubby is cream crackered still doing other flat up. Bless! Signing off soon as tv time soon . Night night everyone. :)

  • Jillygirl, nite nite gal, am sending huggs to ya, no not for you !! for flippin hubby !! the poor old boy :o he's worked his flippin socks off, he has :o

    Erm just to let you know, Primark have a good selection of mens socks :o :D :D :D

    Jillygirl, you take care now gal, and love you forever and ever xxxxxxx and a day :o

  • Maybe its quiet cos the newsfeed appears to be broken. Anyone who just goes on the newsfeed and doesn't click on posts will think no one has said a word since Friday. I have a cold, the second one in just over a month. Not impressed, no doubt it came from that overstuffed tram last Saturday. I'd like to know why it is that whenever I get a cold I always get plagued with indigestion too. As if a cold is not bad enough I have to feel like someone is driving a screwdriver through my chest too :( Anyway on a good note I treated myself to Helen Fieldings book Mad About the Boy so am going to bed to curl up with my book and have a laugh - it'd better be funny, the reviews aren't raving.

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