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Hi everyone,

Had a day out in London today and passed many people that were smoking...This is a first for me as haven't come into contact with any smokers for the past 20 days. Have to say that I had mixed reactions, sometimes it smelt good and others it stank!

I have been suffering from headaches since giving up....has anyone else experienced this?

Wondered also if giving coffee a miss (apart from an occasional one when out) would be causing this. I used to drink de-caff so surprised if it is the coffee.

Would appreciate your feedback before going to the opticians!

Thank you.

N.B. I am using 10mg patches and possibly 1 or 2 Niquitin mouth strips.

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Hey LawnRanger,

You've done brilliantly :-)

Headaches are quite common during the early days of quitting, just make sure you get plenty of fluids down you as well as fillung those lungs of yours with good clean oxygen - so plenty of deep breaths.

When giving up caffeine it is quite common to experience really bad headaches, however if you usually only drink decaf, as you say it is less likely to be caused by this.

It's funny how some people like or is like the smell of smokers. Usually it's the fresh smoke - not that you can really call it fresh :-/ that some people like rather than the smell of stale smoke - like when standing behind a smoker in a queue for example.

Carry on marching forward as it sounds like you're heading in the right direction :-)

You can do this!


Thank you EmJay...3 weeks today!


Hi lawnranger, sorry I missed you the other day. I too got headache for the first couple of weeks. May be tension of thinking about not smoking. It did pass though, so dont be too worried. If your still unsure may be worth checking with your doctor. Keep positive yourdoing great. : )


Shhhhhhhhh, aup Ranger, a massive well done to you :) :) 3 flippin weeks now, thats just ACE gal it is :)

If you hadnt noticed, I'm whispering at the moment so I dont give you another headache eh :) Hmmmm headaches eh, just wondering if your hat is a bit small for you :o you dont stand on your head a lot do you :o noooo I thought not, then maybe its best to listen to what the gals have said eh :) :)

It could be to do with, you not sleeping !!

You take care Ranger, speak soon, Pete :)


Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Pete, no I don't/can't stand on my head! Drinking a lot of water to try and keep my fluids up. Just hope this phase passes soon...my son is a drummer! I have now given away my safety net of cigarettes that I had kept...but not used!

Finding this site really helpful and encouraging, thanks to all :-)


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