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Hi everyone, I would say morning (as it is for me) but afternoon to most people. So I decided to turn things around last night. Instead of laying in bed for 4 hours trying to sleep I read a book for 4 hours and then went to bed. I must say that I am enjoying Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders. Anyway, I digress, hoping to knock this back by a couple of hours tonight and get back into some type of "normal" routine.Today is day 9 for me...need to stop these chocolate cravings too at some point!

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Hi Lawnranger, its early days yet , your sleeping habits will get back to normal eventually. 9 days is brilliant well done.

As for the chocolates dont worry think about the weight loss when you feel more confident about being a non smoker.

Keep up the good work. :)


Hi Lawnranger,

Well done on 9 days quit, thay's brill :) like jillygirl said, don't worry about your weight just now you'll soon lose any weight you put on later, the main thing is to keep off the cigs and your doing great at that :)


Thats exactly what I did, read the night away, eventually I gave in and started sleeping again, then followed the dreams!! Then lovely lovely sleep, you will be ok. :)


Aup Ranger :)

9 flippin days is ace gal, I tell ya :) As for your not sleeping, erm, perhaps your trying toooo hard !! if you see what I mean :o

Maybe just try to relax more,

Get in bed and lay there with a smile on your face,

Think of some good times,

Just let your body do what it does best, rest,

Just float off somewhere nice.



Sorry I am following Pete around this evening

Echo "Flippin Well Done on 9 Days" ... don't you worry about sleep .... if you get any then that is a BONUS !!

Just you worry about GIVING UP and getting AWAY from that HORRIBLE DANGEROUS ADDICTION ....

Let those CRAVINGS "IN THE FRONT DOOR & THEN KICK THEIR BACKSIDE OUT THE BACK DOOR". (EmJay quote). Whatever you are going through it is all because your body & mind is RECOVERING .. so embrace whatever you are going through.

Best wishes




Thank you guys for your support and words of wisdom and hope. Now drinking Galaxy hot chocolate, two cures in one. Coffee was the other half of my cigarette duo, so knocked it on the head at home. AND.....hot chocolate cures my choccy cravings...result! Ploughing through this book, only a third left may have to get a new one tomorrow! Keeps my hands bust too turning the pages! My daughter (17) bought me a present today and said how proud she was at me giving up smoking...brought a tear to my eye as she isn't usually the caring type.


Good one...

My daughter is sixteen & son 13 and they always hated me smoking and kept going on & on ....

but "Yes" it is just sooooo great to join the rest of the family who do NOT put that horrible smoke into their lungs every twenty minutes....

You flipping "GO FOR IT" because the difference is EVERYTHING...




Thank you Jonathan. Husband gave up 8 years ago and is the worlds worst anti smoker, was always having a dig to get me to give up. I made my decision quietly and didn't tell anyone until I was through day one. I have a son who is 14 so guess I am a year ahead with the teenagers....that hasn't helped me to make the decision to quit to be honest with the tantrums of teenagers. Haven't been in a situation yet where someone is smoking....not worried though unless they are smoking menthol...


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