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Insomnia strikes again...03.07am


Morning.....but it isn't really I haven't managed sleep yet. I've been "up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire" funny really I live in Bedfordshire and it's very flat! I know they mean the stairs.

So last night I tried Nytol..success. Tonight felt very tired at 11.30 so went to bed without nytol and got back up again a few minutes ago still not having reached the land of has been a very long road tonight. Have now taken nytol and await the 20 mins before trying again to get to sleep. Had a busy day working outside and relaxed in front of the TV and had a hot chocolate before bed... see,I'm trying.

On another note nurse was very pleased with me on my 2 week check, have gone down to 10mg patches and am using Niquitin strips...very good, a lot better than the spray I had before, it made my mouth water and was not nice.Back again on the 16th to discuss where we go from there.

Hope you are all in the land of nod, off now to try again...night.

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

oh you poor thing, I was exactly the same, just read the night away in the end, but it did pass and I did start sleeping agin, once I'd gone through the dreaming period, saying that they have just come back again, really annoying! Good luck you will get there I promise but it does take some perserverance, especially when you are sooo tired! :)


Thank you Friezfriend, gives me some hope at least!

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Aup Ranger, a massive well done to you gal for staying quit :) :) even with the sleepless nights :o I know it must be hard for you !! and I admire you for sticking with your quit :)

So glad the nurse was happy with you too :) perhaps now you are down to the 10 mg patches, you will sleep better eh :) Erm, am just wondering, like I dooo :o did you used to drink hot choc at bed time before you quit ??

I've never suffered from insomnia :o but maybe thats due to I have a couple of lagers before I go to bed, perhaps if you had a glass of wine or something, it may help :)

Have you ever tried yoga !! I havnt myself, but I've herd it helps to slow your brain and breathing down, so that might help you to sleep :)

Ha ha ha, I tried champix once,which is an NRT, if you didnt know, and that made me flippin sleeeeeeeeep gal, I tell you :o I used to have a rite job getting up in the morning for work :D :D

You take care now gal, especially if your driving and using machinery eh :o :)

Pete :)

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Hey Monky, I used to drink a huge mug of black de-caff coffee before I went to bed. I haven't had coffee at home since I gave up smoking...changed it to hot chocolate in a normal sized mug. I have a problem getting up for work too, good job I am self-employed. Trouble is that husband snores for England, so me laying there half awake trying to drift off has been difficult. I've tried listening to my ipod etc but nothing seems to be working. Going to take nytol again tonight to see if that will do the trick. Have been to the cinema tonight, so nice and relaxed and feeling tired. Shamefully admit that in desperation I have even played candy crush! wanted to see what all the hype was about. We have a frost here already, so won't be going to work too early in the morning! Thanks again for your support and motivation...tomorrow I will be using only hand tools!

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:) :)

Nite nite Ranger, ha ha erm, am not sure what candy crush is all about :o but I suspect I will find out before Christmas eh :D :D

I think what you need gal is a good pear of ear- muffs, and a blind fold :D :D

Speak soon :) xx

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