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Hanging in there

Hi to everyone, hope your Monday is well. It is a hot one here in Florida today. I am still fighting the urge, but my friend that I work with encourages me to not smoke so she is a wonderful person to work with. I hope that this damn urge goes away it really racks my brain that for over 6 months I did not even care about smoking again and the past three weeks have been pure torture. But I am giving it my all and staying away from nic.

Well everyone stay smoke free and keep smelling great...

Thanks you guys......:)

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Hiya pugs, great to hear from ya😊

Oh how I'd luv to live in Florida, have holidayed there and it's one of my favourite places, I'm sooooo jealous of your climate😉

So it's been a bit of a struggle for ya these last few weeks, I think it's one of those milestones around the 6 months that mr nic rears his ugly head to try and tempt you back😩 but you won't be fooled Pugs, coz you're way too clever to be fooled👍🏼

Keep fighting back and mr nic will get the message that you're a winner, so well done hun👏 stay strong and be proud of your achievement 😊x

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Hey pugs, your doing so well 😁😁

Like Briar has said, every now and then mister nic rears his vile, ugly, loathsome head to try and trick us..... don't do it and please give a hug to your friend for being nice and supportive 😁😁👏👏👏

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Hi pugs,

Mr Nic giving you a hard time huh? You just let em know who is boss.

Whenever I get persistent visits from mr Nic, I turn it around and make a bit of a joke of it. I tell myself you can visit, but you won't get me sucked in again, I will outsmart you every time.. It is a little bit lame, but turning negatives into positives is a lot easy to manage 👍👍😀😀

Celebrate your successes 😀😀🌷🌷

Keep up the great quit you have going 😄😀😄

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Hi ya Pugs, its lovely to see you again :) :) and am loving that you are fighting through this difficult time :)

That flippin mr nic works in mysterious ways :o so maybe try to change your thought pattern around, like Glolin has said, welcome him in the front door and say, ''hello mr nic'' then boooot him out the back door eh :)

Perhaps your thinking too hard about him :o to get rid of him :o

Pugs, I have your quit date down as Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015, if this is wrong, then please feel free to flippin booooot me toooo eh :o :D :D

Take care now Pugs and speak soon eh :)


Hi pugs, keep up the good work. It may seem a long time but it does get better. :) :)


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