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Riddle of the cigarette.

Riddle of the cigarette.

I am long and thin with a brown band on my head,


Sometimes my head isnt there so I am bald instead,

My coat`s made of paper and usually white,

I have different strengths mostly medium and light,

When you take me out I will ask for a flame ,


Then when I burn into ash , you will want me again,

I can poison your body with ultimate ease,

Then you want me again ooh! yes please,

Now I have you under my spell,

Its hard to escape as I know you too well,

Your lungs will turn brown and then very black,


Its not that easy to give me the sack,

One day you may realise that its your health not mine,

Join quit support, not before time,

I can be beaten and banned from your door,

Then proudly you can say I smoke no more.


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Jillygirl, thats so so flippin true gal :o but I luv it :) I shell put it in your poem folder :)

Erm , there was something else I wanted to say to you :o but just cant think what at the moment !!

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Must have been a lie. ( ps. Missed ya ) :)


Bet I missed you loads morerrrrrrrrrrrrr than you missed me :D :D Am so so glad your back gal :) :)


Thanks jillygirl🌷


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