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Daily Chat: Friday 22nd November 2013

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Happy Friday Everyone :D

Although a tad frosty this morning, it is actually quite a nice bright day here in Liverpool.

For those of you who are entering your first weekend as a non-smoker, make sure you have a good decent plan in place to deal with any triggers that you may face. There are plenty of hints and tips that have been shared already, but please don't be shy on giving us a shout should you need us :-)

A big congratulations to Surrendertown who is 5 weeks quit today - Well done to you :-)

I've tasked myself today with making a start on updating our Wall of Winners list, so if any of you are reading this can you please check the latest list and see if your details are correct?

Here's the link;


Today's picture reminds me of waiting for a bus.... :-/ :/ :D :D

Right, time to pop the kettle on - not for a cup of tea though, for a lemsip!

15 Replies
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Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Afternoon EmJay

its been a long time since last posting.

since then we have had our holiday and been home for a month now and we certainly got back to reality with a bang!

Had some ciggys back in August when out for a bbq, I was driving so couldnt use the being drunk excuse! Boy the gave me the biggest hangover the next day.

been a horrid week here for weather. HUGE thunder/lightening storm at 10pm on Tuesday night and no power for 18 hours!

I can safely say I have never been so scared in my life. The lightening hit a pole close to us and ruined the transformer hence no power! Lots of people had their phones flying off the walls and sparks flying out of the sockets, thankfully it didnt happen here!

lots of new members on here now but its nice to see a few familiar names

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Hey Sarah,

How lovely to hear from you :D

So you managed your family trip away to Florida then, all paid for with your cigarette money. That's amazing I bet the kids absolutely loved it :-) I remember when you first started saving. Doesn't time fly? So, apart from your blip at your August BBQ, you are fast approaching your 12 month smokefree anniversary :-)

I was up in Scotland (not as high up as you) on Monday, back Wednesday, there was a huge hail storm and quite a frosty morning. Nothing as bad as what you have experienced though eh?! I have to say though, there was a gigantic beautiful moon in the sky Monday night, biggest I've ever seen :-)

We have lots of new members as you can see. Pete is working today but will be on his usual night shift later and I'm sure Andi will pop on too. JillyGirl is just in the middle of moving home again but keeps everyone out of trouble, usually by bribing them all with online treats ;-)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to EmJay

Hiya Emjay :) I hope your feeling a bit better today, after slurping on them there lemsips :o :)

I've just counted up :o and do you know what !! you have opened up no less than 2 Daily chats this week :) Sooooo I insist that you put your feet up now, cos your not getting any younger you know :o :P :D :D

Sorryyyyyy Emjay, I finished work early tonight, and erm, well, its made me feel a bit erm, mischievous :o :D :D but I do hope your feeling a bit better today :)

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Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

We managed out trip away and gave the credit card a good bashing, will be saving up for the next year yet I doubt, xmas fast approaching and the dishwasher giving up the ghost when we got home from hols! Only can happen to us lol

yeah the year mark is fast approaching, although I suppose pinching ones from my granny before the bbq was a blip too!

looking forward to getting on here a bit more and catch up with ppl

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quit14 Month Winner

Good early evening everyone

Just wanted to say "Hello" and report that all is well !!

Not smoking anyway which is the most important thing.

Had rather a good evening last night and still trying to recover but getting there I think!!

Well done to everyone and looks like good news is coming from all directions.

Best wishes



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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Hi Enjay hope you are getting on the right side of things now and will improve for the weekend. Hello Mr Nope, good you still aren't smoking. Orkneysarah, one of the veterans eh? Seriously impressed. Going to watch TV now.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Friezfriend

Friez, what you wathing on tv then, cos they aint note on ours :o I hope you have had a good day today :)

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER in reply to monky

Hiya, I've recorded loads of stuff for when it is a rubbish viewing night! And..... I know I know but I watch I'm a celebrity, know it is rubbish but it is light and frothy which is what I need right now having blue moods! I'm lifting from Navy to a lighter blue though! :) Have a lovely weekend. :)

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andi22 in reply to Friezfriend

I love I'm a celebrity too. :) Trouble is this year, I'm going away next Tuesday so will miss most of it, and I'm really enjoying it from the word go. :(

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Hi Emjay, Sarah, Jonathan and everyone.

Lovely to see you Sarah after such a long time. :) Shame you had a couple of blips but hey ho, what's a couple of blips between friends, eh? ;-)

Glad you're okay too J, with your hangover and all! :o

Big waves to everyone else too. :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

Aup Andi :) hows your day been then :o

I hope you have your feet up resting, ready for your parkrun tomorrow :)

Hmmmm, is it your turn to cook dins today then ??

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quit14 Month Winner

Hi Friezfriend & Andi

Yes - I think its TV for me as well in this hungover state, such a shame that if you have an up (very good evening and it was a cracker!!) you have this bloody awful downer to deal with !!! Oh well weekend on us now.


Smoke Free Mr Nope

alias Quit

BY'reWI !! (Not that again I hear you say!!)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to quit

Hi ya Jonathan, sooooo, you've bin flippin booooooozing all week then, I wondered where you had got too :o

Hmmmm, I dont sim____, erm, simp___, erm, dont feel sorry for you what so ever :P :D :D You will get over it pal :) and what do we all say, never again !! yeah, until the next time eh :o :D :D

Am soooo glad your still Mr Nope :) :) Speak soon :)

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quit14 Month Winner in reply to monky

Hi ya Pete

Well not all week but Thursday was indeed one too many !! Thanks for your kind understanding then !!!!!!!

Bright as a button at the moment and it's 7:30pm Saturday night !!! (Sad or what!!!).

Speak to you soon Mr Clean

Best wishes



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Aup Sarah, its great to see you again gal :) :)

Hey whats a little blip between friends eh :o :) Mind you, saying that, where's my flippin stick a rock then :o :D :D

As for the dishwasher giving in, does that mean you've got rid of hubby then !! :D :D :D

Hmmmm, think its about time I went and found a hiding place eh :o

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