Tissues have been out !!!

Just finished catching up on the Saturday fun matinay, got quite emotional !!! Tissues were out, but so funny too :-D :-D :-D it was a real tonic :-) Hubby thinks I'm going back to my childhood !!! :-D.

Didn't feel the ecig was helping much yesterday, not a good day :-( but better today, thank god :-)

Hope everyone else giving mr nic the NOPE signal. :-)

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  • Glad you enjoyed our saturday matinee. Its funny my hubby doesnt normally bother, but i turned the volume up for the clangers. He came rushing in to watch it. :) We are all as bad. children at heart. :D

  • Hi ya Sunny :)

    I hope you've had a better day today gal :) I've found that out, some days are quite easy, then you get on thats really hard :( I think its mr nic trying to get his claws back into us eh :o but if you can get through that one day, it gets much easier again :) Stick at it Sunny, cos your doing ever so well :) :)

    I think like Jillygirl, we are all young at heart, and well, its lovely to go back to the old days sometimes eh :)

    See ya soon :) Pete

  • Hiya, yes that is definitely what happens to me, chugging along and then boom. But what is giving me positive vibes is that I seem to be getting through the booms, just keep saying to myself, yes of course, perfectly normal been doing this a long time, then they go again. Had a slightly dodgy weekend because of Friday so resorted to house cleaning again, house smelled lovely yesterday but I am such an untidy wench that it is reverting to type already, but hey I suppose it gives me something to do when I go boom! Good luck, you are doing really well. :)

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