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DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY/ 15/09/2013

DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY/ 15/09/2013

Good morning everyone. Bit cloudy here in Yorkshire, however the rain seems to be staying away.

Sunday again, lumpy gravy day, child minding day, walking or cycling day, and mine is ironing day, that's the only trouble with holidays all the washing etc when you get back.


Whatever your plans are have a lovely smokefree day. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and all,

The rain has just stopped here, hope it stays off. More decorating and packing for me, i love the new flat but i hate this bit, wish i could wave a magic wand and be sitting in the new flat :D :D

I know what you mean Jillygirl, laundry is the annoying bit about getting home, hopfully you'll have it done soon :)

Kettles on if anyone wants a cuppa, have a fab NOPE day everyone :)


Morning Sue, Just think this time next year we will be sitting in our lovely all done up flats. Sitting with a cuppa watching Pete doing the gardens . :D :D


Will join you for a cuppa before I start my ironing. thanks Sue. xx


:D :D :D


:P :P :D :D :D


Good Morning Everyone :D

Think I made it in time for that cuppa :-)

Welcome back JillyGirl, we've missed you we have :-) Glad to hear that you've had a lovely time in that there Blackpool. Was it busy with people going to see the lights?

Sue, you'll be all settled before you know it, when's your moving in date?

Big waves to everyone else looking in, remember that as long as you don't have that one puff of a smoke, then you won't be wanting another :-)


Hi Emjay, I don't have a moving in date yet, still to book the movers, but anytime within the next 2 weeks :) and yep, you got the cuppa, away to refil the teapot, think I'll need today.


Good morning everybody :) :)

Jillygirl, its lovely to have you back gal :) enjoy your ironing :o No lumpy gravy today, cos got lumpy salad for a change :|

Sue I bet you cant wait to get in your new flat eh :) I hope Nairn and Mum are ok, speak soon gal :)

Emjay, what you doing on here on a Sunday then ?? :o just wondering how Girtie & Agnes are doing :o

Rite am off to B & Q to empty my wallet :P :( see ya all soon :)


Good morning everyone. Very windy and raining and miserable here. Hope you enjoyed your break in Blackpool jillygirl. No cycling for me today, I went yesterday ....to Blackpool. Gorgeous day yesterday, clear blue sky all day, tho a bit windy. Cycled from Cleveleys to St Annes, had a Toby carvery then cycled back to Cleveleys, 19 miles in all. Was soooo nice to cycle on flat roads, without potholes, cracks, sunken grids etc and proper dedicated cycle paths and lanes, I think I may move there :) Was gonna cycle through the lights but went very cold once the sun went down. So we sat in our campervan with a nice cup of tea and watched the sun set on the horizon - bliss


Good morning everyone

Glad to hear you are all fighting fit and ready for Sunday. Jillygirl I feel your pain...laundry eughhhh . Did all mine yesterday, been out for my food shopping and now settling down to watch the Great North Run and all our lovely Roy's Runners raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, their energy and determination puts me to shame, I am really bad at exercising. Sin, good for you.

However, I am going to exercise my voice tonight, an old school friend and I have joined a choir and tonight is the first practice for a Carol Concert in St George's Hall on 22nd Dec. So........tra la la la folks.

Sue and Pete happy decorating.

Emjay go and batten down the hatches on those chooks before the wind and rain gets going.

Have a great Sunday and cheer on our Roy's Runners.

Eye x


I admire anyone who can run anywhere, even more on a day like today. I can't run more than 2 minutes, so good luck to all those Roy's Runners, hope you don't suffer too many blisters. I don't know, food shopping done and back home - am still sat here in my dressing gown :( Mind you that's two nights on the trot I haven't gone to bed til 1.00am so I keep waking up late. I shall take a leaf out of your busy book Eye and do a bit of domestic goddess training, I have let it all go to rack and ruin of late.


Ha ha ha Sin....me a domestic goddess ......I don think so....I just bumble my way through like a duck on water..it all looks calm on the surface but under the water paddling like mad. That's given me a laugh


Ha ha jillygirl, love it.... That's me!


Eye ya Eyeeeee :)

Am sure your not like a duck, cos I reckon your like a swan, you flow gracefully around the room with a feather duster, a little dab here and a little dab there, ooooh and not forgetting, a bit of a dusting for your hubby eh :o cos he needs a bit of a dusting down now and again eh :| :D :D Cos I've noticed, if I sit down tooooooooo long, I get cobwebs on me :o :|

Your doing a great job Eye, luv ya ta bits gal, a do :) :) xx


erm I see what you mean.



signing off now. have a good night everyone. sweet dreams. xx


Nitee nite Jillygirl, loves ya gal xxxx

I hope you have the sweetest dreams ever :) :)


I will love you and leave you, cos am flippin cream-cracked tonite, :( :P

Please please remember this, you have to be ''Positive '' on your quit, to suck seed, cos if you have any doubt, what so eva, you will fail :(

So you have to keep focused and positive, cos I tell ya, if you dont, you will end up like me :o :| A grey haired old flippin , grumpy, SO, what do you think then !!

Nite nite all, I bid you all a lovely nights sleep, and hope you wake up in the morning as fresh as a daisy :) :)


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