Good morning, Saturday hooray! start of the weekend activities, gardening, cycling, walking, shopping , decorating, or just taking it easy, whatever your plans are stay happy and smoke free.

I hope Jonathan, Sinfree, and Friezfriend have a more positive and better day today. I think the gremlins were let loose in your houses yesterday. Show them who`s boss. :)

Catch up later. Off to child mind. or as my granddaughter says grandparent sitting. :D

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  • Ha, I like that jillygirl, grandparent sitting. Have fun. Good morning to everyone else, here's to a more promising day tho I've not actually got out of bed yet. Its overcast rubbish weather again.

  • Good morning Jilly, Sin and everyone else.

    Grey day down south too but not too windy so should manage to get out a bit.

    Hope everyone's geared up to attack those cravings if they kick in - just give them what-for and kick them out the door! ;-) :)

  • Happy Saturday Everyone,

    It looks like it could be a good day today, both weather and mentally wise. However, if any of it does take a turn, remember that you may not have control over the weather but you are most definitely in control of how you think :-)

    How you think has a huge impact on your outcome.

    Sin, I know you want to reduce the amount of lozenges you are using, you're not really using that many so don't be going too long and he left feeling as rubbish as you have been. For now, why not just have one just as you are starting to feel like you really need one?

    I'm just getting my wig done and get rid of my Lily Savage roots!

    Big waves to everyone else out there!

  • 1 up to now today EmJay, :) yay

  • Much better day today thanks for once it is actually warm and sunny in Saddleworth and thanks to the support on here feel much better today, thanks.

  • Yeah but it's only been sunny for the last hour hasn't it, was grey rubbish all day ;)

  • True about the weather was just trying to be positive! I know you are struggling with your NRT but from where I am standing I am stunned with admiration for you, I think that is amazing. Spoke to my daughter earlier on and remembered what she said a few weeks ago, she said I suppose it is like heartbreak, you just have got to go through it. There is a link here which helped me a few weeks ago, this comes with a warning it is by a an american bloke and it is a bit rude and sweary but it made me laugh!


  • Hya, you was supposed to say how do you know. :) I only live over the hills from you in Shaw. Have a lovely smoke free evening out. I will PM you about yr smoking adviser cos it sounds like the same one as mine.

  • Hey Sin I just live over the hills from you both at Yeadon near the airport.

  • Is that near Leeds

  • We're like tellytubbies popping up out of the hills :D

  • Hi Sin, yes I am in the middle of leeds and Bradford. Hence we live about quarter of a mile away from the airport.


    can I be the yellow one. :D

  • Going to get ready to go out now. Have a lovely evening everyone, and its Downton tomorrow to any addicts of Downton like me!

  • Hi Friez, glad to hear you're doing better today. :) Take care out there tonight, it's Downton you want tomorrow, not downfall, eh? ;-) :D :D

  • Oh yes , I'm a Downton fan too.

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