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Quit day 7 !!

So,I've managed a whole week without smoking, been really hard at times but I've done it.My ECig is a great help & I've managed to use it quite a bit less in the last couple of days.Seeing my practice nurse on Tuesday as I just need to know that someone is watching to make sure I don't fail.Went back to the gym yesterday & did a 40 minute fast walk despite the dodgy back.So far so good.

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Good morning yellow snowdrop, I thought I would introduce myself as I have been away this last week. Very well done on reaching your first week that is brilliant.


I hope your back doesn't cause too much pain for you. If you get any cravings just pop on here and moan, groan, scream, shout, or laugh by the time you have typed your complaint your craving will have gone. :)

carry on being positive. :)


AAAAAup Ysnowdrop, its great to see you again :) :)

A massive well done to you for getting to day 7 :) I think you have got through the hardest bit, BUT be aware !! cos nic will be lurking in the back ground, and I assure you, from experience, he will pounce on you when you least expect it :o

So YSdrop, please keep positive on your quit eh :) and remember this, ''NOPE'' Not One Puff Ever :)

YSDp, you take care now, your doing just Ace :) :)

Pete :)


Thank you my friends for the kind words of encouragement, much appreciated. Am still very much aware that I'm way short of being out of the woods but small steps add up to great things.Have tried this before and failed but am just so determined to stay cig free this time my best strategy if I'm feeling really nicotine deprived is to go and walk, just 5 mins or so until the craving is gone, seems to be working so far so fingers crossed.


Hey, YSDp, your doing just great :) :)

Like you, I find exercising on my rowing machine does wonders for me and bashes nic on his head :) :)

Plus, have you seen Emjays posts about breathing, cos, they help me too :) :)

I will post them up on here if you like :)


Hiya YSD, ave just found No one of Emjays breathing exercisers, --

To help a craving pass - Breathing Exercise (1)

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

18 Jan 2013


Cravings lead to irritation and sometimes panic, causing the quitter’s mind to speed up. When this occurs, concentrating becomes hard. Using a deep breathing exercise is an effective way of calming yourself down.

This exercise can be done anywhere from sitting down in a chair to waiting for a bus. Follow the simple stages described below;

With your mouth closed and shoulders relaxed, inhale deeply and slowly to the count of eight.

As you breathe in, push your stomach out.

Hold your breath for the count of four.

Breathe out slowly to the count of eight.

Repeat the cycle five times



Xxx thank you xx


Well done on reaching your first week as a quitter, keep up the good work, I am going into my fourth week, and am feeling good.


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