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Quit Day! =)

This is day 1 of quitting smoking for Chrissy (my wife) and i. We are both using 25mg patches along side 4mg chewing gum (if needed for cravings)

I'm so looking forward to be smoke free and getting some energy levels back, and of course being a lot better of financially.

Just thought i would drop in and say "Hi" to everyone and look forward to keeping you updated of our progress.

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Well Hi there,

Well done you for going for it - this site is absolutely wonderful along with all the guys and gals who blog on here. I have tried numerous times to stop and am now on my 12th week. There are times I could have eaten one(fag) but I believe that I would have felt as sick as a parrot having to admit it on here. If you don't have the first puff of a fag - then you cant have a 2nd or 3rd or a full fag!! I have found the nicotine mist extremely helpful when I have wanted the hit of a ciggy - almost as good and tastes much better!! Use whatever works for you but keep at it for one minute one hour etc etc - and for the early days try to keep away from the smokers. This isn't always easy - but ciggies still smell good when I walk past them. Hope to hear from you soon with your ups and downs of the journey to being a non smoker xxx ;) ;O


Hello Brien and welcome to our lovely community. Well done for taking that first step today and I think it's great that you are doing this with Chrissy - what a great support you can be for each other. As well as coming on here and sharing your quit journey, that should give you double the impetus for success. :) I hope you manage to get through the first couple of weeks without tearing each other's head off - lots of people seem to have terrible bad, angry moods in the early days. :o ;-) :D

Good luck to you both and come and join in the chat to help take your mind off it a bit and maybe have a laugh along the way. Andi :)


Aup Brien & Missus :) :)

Firstly a massive welcome to this lovely quit support site, there is loads of help on here :)

Secondly, a big big well done to you and Chrissy for taking the plunge and quitting the smokes :) you will be able to help each other, which is always a good thing, as if one of you gets weak, then the other one will help :)

As for the 25mg patches, I suspect there the 16 hour ones, which are very good :) they may cause a reaction on your skin, and will be a bit red and itch for a few days, but this will pass after a few days :)

Chewing gum, if you need it, then chew it a few times to get some nicotine out of it, then, erm sort of park it up to one side of your mouth until you need it again, its as easy as that :)

Any questions, advise or moans you have, just come on here and we will try to help you, good luck :)

Pete :)


Welcome both to our little club. Its good that you have each others support. Lets hope your first day will eventually be your first year. Five months for me, still struggle when I see fags in the shops. I stand there drooling lol, honest !! It gets easier though so good luck.


Hi Brien, Just wanted to introduce myself as have been off the site due to a house move.

Well done to you and your wife for deciding to quit. Best thing you could do . If you need support this is certainly the site to be on. I have been quit for over a year noe, and know I couldn't have done it without quit support. :) see you later. xx


Hi jilly,

thanks!! It's all going well at the mo. Now day 4 and feeling very happy with myself and It's good to know that i can do it and so can my wife. Looking forward to the 1 week marker... But obviously one day at a time.


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