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Quit Day and Beyond

Quit Day and Beyond


2. Remember the rule of N.O.P.E! Not One Puff Ever!

3. Ask people you live with not to smoke around you. Spend time with non-smokers.

4. Keep busy, stay active – try walking, exercising or doing other activities.

5. Drink lots of water.

6. Begin using the nicotine replacement you have chosen.

7. Attend the stop smoking class if you have chosen one.

8. Reduce or avoid using alcohol.

9. Use the four “A”s to deal with tough situations.

- AVOID people and places that tempt you to smoke.

- ALTER some of your other daily habits, like your meal time, your route to work

- ALTERNATIVES for your mouth – like healthy snacks

- ACTIVITIES for your hands – like needlework, woodcarving or other hobbies

If you are worried about gaining weight, increase activity or think about seeing a nutritionist.

Remind yourself that staying quit, is probably the most important gift you can give yourself.


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