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Day 1 - Quit 1.5 hours ago

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I am deciding to quit cold turkey following previous unsuccessful attempts to reduce smoking/use a vape/use nicotine supplements.

My problem is that I very much enjoy smoking and more so enjoy the routine of it.

However I am noticing that it is having an adverse effect on my well-being both mentally and physically. I specifically chose to post this now (1.5 hours since my last cigarette) as this is when my initial cravings begin to have another one and I am keen to avoid it.

One thing I'd love some support with is work cigarettes. The main reason I go out for a work cigarette is to get outside for a few minutes away from a screen. What do you guys do to combat this?


18 Replies
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Quittingvaping12734 MONTH WINNER

Hey Tommy

24 hours into the same! I walked round the block listening to music at break time.

Good luck with quitting!

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to Quittingvaping1273


That's actually a really good idea - I work on a business park with loads of nice paths and trees - would be a great shout to listen to some music and have a wander!

Thanks so much!

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to tommyp1

Yes I’m going to listen to some kind of meditation/anything with my headphones that block everything else out! I’m 7 1/2 hours in. I’m not feeling optimistic because I find it so hard to do. And I love smoking. But I love my life more x

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to NLondon83

Couldn’t have said it better myself - I’m now about 8 hours in and to be honest the cravings are insatiable, but I shall power on through!!

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to tommyp1

I’m so irritable. I feel like I’m almost looking for an argument. I hate feeling so angry 😢 I just went into the dustbin to get out an old tobacco pouch I threw away. There was a tiny bit left but no cigarette papers. Glad I haven’t smoked yet. It’s getting tough now though x

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to NLondon83

I was exactly the same - threw my pouch, papers and filters into the bin and now I keep thinking about it so I’ve put it into the outside bin where it isn’t accessible!

I’m also very irritable at the moment - incredibly cranky with everything however apparently drinking lots of water helps. I’ve actually found that just sitting outside and cooling down/recuperating is working quite nicely too.

We’ll both get there, keep it up 👍🏻

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to tommyp1

Yes I might get into bed early tonight so I can get a few more hours behind me in sleep. I have a feeling that the worst time will be between 24-48 hours so hopefully I’ll be prepared for it. In it together x

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to NLondon83

Definitely - apparently the nicotine peaks at around day 3 and then gets easier from there. Not long at all, although I know that it feels like it is!!

Best of luck x

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Welcome to quit Support, thank you for joining us.

Well done on r decision to quit smoking. It can be quite frightening at first , as most of us think the same as you, we think we enjoying smoking. Once you have got over the initial first couple of weeks without a smoke, you will start to appreciate that your body is healing, your sense of smell and taste improves, Your money will go much further. You will soon forget that you thought you enjoyed smoking.

Do have a look through the pinned posts for useful hints and information.

These can be found to the right or bottom of this page.

Make sure you keep hydrated, so when you go for your break take a bottle of water with you.

Any queries just bob on here , there is usually someone around to help.

I will assign you a progress badge (next to your name) and also add you to our wall of winners.

Look forward to supporting you. :) xx

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Thanks so much Jilly, really appreciate the kind words and support. I will try my absolute best to see this through!


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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to tommyp1

Remember Tommy we all feel the same when we first quit. (terrified!) It doesnt matter how long it takes, how many attempts it takes , just keep on trying.

Our Mantra is NOPE

Not One Puff Ever. :) xxx

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

That's a fantastic mantra - especially when someone asks me if I'm going out for a cigarette - NOPE! Haha.

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Hi tommy1, well done for your decision to quit.👏Quitting is never easy but it's easier with a little support.💪

Welcome to Quit Support.💙

I see you've had lots of hints already if you feel you need anymore help please don't hesitate to ask. There's always someone here.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭xx

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

Hey Tubbs - thanks for the kind words and advice. I will be making sure to stay hydrated and more active. I also understand that deep breathing exercises can be quite useful when overcoming cravings as well?


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Hi tommy, yes breathing exercises are good, you'll find these in the pinned posts.

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tommyp15 MONTH WINNER in reply to Corrina125

Hey Corrina,

Great stuff and thank you for letting me know!

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Hi tommy and welcome aboard our lovely quit community.

Keep hanging in there as you are doing brilliantly.

I was like you and would go out for a smoke just to have screen break, Once I quit, I would take this time and do some some deep breathing exercises. It not only helped with cravings, but would clear my head on the work that I was bogged down in. It was amazing how it helped me.

Seems like a life time ago now as I am over 5 years smoke free from smoking 30 a day for 40 years. I quit cold turkey too. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

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Firstly -welcome to this amazing site. Thats good that you stopped 1.5 hours ago . If you say to yourself every time you feel a craving for a cigarette coming on - say to yourself YES I CAN (STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD!!!!!) & do this every day -Maybe try getting Ni-quitting patches or chewing gum -something like that

Maybe take up a hobby that doesnt involve smoking - yes of course smoking will have adverse effect on your health -lung cancer for one - maybe asthama--Keep up the Yes I can (quit) when youre at work -dont use stress as a reason to go out for a smoke

Just to make an observation -you say you enjoy smoking - my observation is that you wouldnt enjoy any health problems such as lung cancer or any teeth going yellow etc -theyre not an enjoyable experience

Maybe if you also think of all the bad effects it can have on your life -including clothes smelling etc or if the house smells of smoke & if you get visitors then effectively they are passive smoking -that may give you an incentive to try to stop

Years ago when I lived in Stockport & then in Oldham I smoked now & again -then when I was getting my life insurance I immediately stopped although I had to declare it

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