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Can all members please check the Wall of Winners page?

:D :D Here on Quit Support, every quitter is a winner :D :D

Please could you all check our Wall of Winners page and see if your name is up there and if so, that the details are correct?


I know a few of you have changed your quit date, I've tried to amend this as I go along. However I do believe there are a few of you whose name should be up there but isn't :-/

If you've stopped smoking already, you deserve to be recognised for it :-)


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Made it to my 1 year date:0


Hi there I have checked the wall but don't see my name on it. My quit date is October 16th 2016. Thank you!


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Hi Kar1016, I dont think we've met, so a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) and a big WELL DONE to you for reaching 6 weeks quit :) :)

We dont seem to have you on our database :o soooo, I will go and do that now and add you to the Wall of Winners :)

Kar, if you need any help or just need a chat then please feel free to do so, hopefully speak soon :)

Pete :)


Hi Pete thank you so much for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it and have found this site very helpful in my new life as a non smoker. Take care and have a great day!



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