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Weekend Chat Part 2 Sunday 21st October 2012

Weekend Chat Part 2  Sunday 21st October 2012

A very good morning everybody, a bit of a grey start but now the suns coming out 8-) 8-)

Jillygirl you get better soon eh, because we aint half missing you and stay strong and keep your chin up gal, cus were all going to help you get through this hard time :) :)

I hope everybody else is keeping strong and focused on staying quit :) myself I start my new quit date tomorrow 22/10/2012 Jarvo you've got some work to do, as in change my quit date on the wall of winners, huh about time she did something :D :D

If there is anybody else that hasnt got thier quit date down, just let Jarvo Know and she will put you on the wall of winners :)

Rite thats enough of me rabbiting on, got to cook dins now so will see you later :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Morning Pete, i managed to get up earlier today :), don't know how i did that :D :D

it was a bit misty here this morning, suns out now though :) have a great Pete, and your not cheeky you just like a laugh :P :D

i'm off to get breakfast, will chat later :) xx


Lol meant to say *have a great day Pete*


Hey Everyone,

A bit chilly today isn't it brrrrrrrrr.....

I had a busy day from start to finish yesterday, as you know I had my Lily-Pop Grandaby to start my day off. Then I had all my nieces and nephews, some of my sisters and some of family together. We all met up at Sefton Park in Liverpool to go on a fundraising event for our place, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. It was called a 'Spooky Welly Walk' and we had to walk 2 miles with the kids for charity. All in aid of raising money to give help and hope to those affected by lung cancer. It really does mean a lot more to me right now then it ever has ;-)

Andi will laugh reading this when she gets back (being the big exerciser and athlete that she is) Last week we had the Liverpool Marathon, 26 miles long, it took most people around 4 hours to run it. Yesterday I took almost 5 hours to do a 2 mile fun walk with the kids... I was asleep on the couch soon after my tea last night, eventually waking up to go to bed. Today, my legs are stiff! 40 years young, I think not!!

Just having a catch up on here from yesterday... You are all barmy, completely barmy! You've had me in stitches, lively to see see Jillygirl keeping her beady eye on you too :D

Good to see you all supporting each other. We know that we also have a lot of members who just like to read your posts and not interact, you are still supporting and helping these people too by sharing your stories and experiences.

You really are all amazing and remember that together we can, and will do this :D


Makes my 1 mile walk sound trivial. Well done Emjay. :)



Hi Emjay,

congratulations doing your fun run, and with all the kids as well , you did better than i would have :) i'd probably been in my bed for a week after that :D :D

you have a nice lazy day today, you deserve it :) xx


Watch this space Sue.... I'm not even dressed yet ha ha

The kettle is calling as a cuppa is needed... If anyone fancies one. With proper tea-leaves too :D


Yes please, can't remember when i last had a proper cup of tea, i'll bring the biccies, what kind do you like :D :) xx


Aup Emjay, am on my way gal, as long as there not green tea leaves, dont mind what :o :D

Hey so you had a 2 mile fun walk then, well done gal, mind you i bet there was more gassin going on than walking :D :D swishhhhhhh boing wow that was close, didnt know you had a spear as well :o :| As for you not being dressed yet, huh typical flippin Woman :D :D think its time i wasnt here :o

Sue i hope your kicking them piggies into touch gal, and you have a nice easy day, just off now to make my lumpy gravy, speak soon :) :)


Hi Pete,

yep all the ciggies were tied to your spear and shot into outer space, :D :D :D and there they'll stay :D :) xx


Ha ha ha nice one Sue, just cant fault you gal :D :D luv it :)

I know what i'm going to be doing for the next couple of hours, the drain plug for our central heating has sprung a leak, and to put a new washer on that means i will have to go up in the attic, tie the ball valve up, and empty the system, refill it and bleed all the radiators, just what i need on a Sunday afternoon eh :P :( but, its got to be done, you have a nice day gal and will speak soon :) :)


Hi Pete,

why is it these things always happen when your on a day off, the same thing used to happen to me as well, hopefully you'll get sometime to yourself today :)

What colour spear do you want, seen i'm due you one :D :D


Hi Sue, hope your ok. just got 10 minutes free thought I would see what your all up to. I see your keeping Pete in line. so you all should. Found these when I was out they dont look happy I think they have no where to live. :D



Hello Pete, thanks for your kind support. I know I have everyones thoughts and wishes with me.

Besides if any cancer thinks its staying with me , it can think again I`m ready for it. .........


Love you all :) xxxx


Hey Jillygirl, ace gal just ace, luv it :D :D and as you say, just like you kicked them piggies into touch, you too can kick that cancer into touch, cus a know you've got loads of determination, guts, strength, love, family and us when you need us gal :) :)

so you see, that aint got '' no '' chance gal :) :)

Like Sue says, just come on when you feel like it gal, we will be here for you :) :)

Jillygirl i cant think what i've done wrong to Sue, hey you know me i wouldnt do anything wrong would i :o :|


ermmmmm? Nah your too lovable to do anything wrong dafty. XXXX


Hi Jillygirl, it's so lovely to hear from you, i'm doing fine thanks, i'm glad you manage to come on here occasionally :)

Love your spears, i'll def have some of them, i keep losing mine and i'm due Pete one :D :D

You take care Jillygirl luv ya xx


Hi Pete you silly billy you.ve not done anything wrong, i was offering you a spear cause i used yours, so i need to replace it :) xx


had an early tea, dishes done, so time to put my feet up with a cuppa :)

hope you got your central heating fixed Pete, you'll need it with the weather we've been having lately, hope everyone is having a good night :) xx


Hi Sue, hmmmmm i see that your still going to get me then, with the spear i mean, gosh i dont mind a spear coming towards me, cus i can duck :D but i know that i would have no chance if you came after me gal, mind you though :) :o ;) dont know whether i would like to be court or not :D :D

Wonder where that flippin Kaz is hiding, cus she's after me anall, ha not bothered about her anyway :P :P

Yes got the central heating done thankyou for asking gal, jobs a good en :) :)


Hi Pete, glad you got that fixed :)

I was wondering about Kazz as well, she must be hibernating today :D :D

i doubt i could catch you Pete, 90 year olds pass me, and no there not driving :D :D :D, unless i get my motorised zimmer frame out :D :D :o


Aup Sue,

I reckon she's relapsed, just cant take the stick gal :D :D

Well if that dont wake her up, ers got no hope :D :D


Oh Pete :D :D that should do the trick :D

Is Andi home now then, or tomorrow :D :D xx


I'm not sure Sue, but i thought i might get it in before she does come home, :) :)

other wise i might get bashed :D :D


:D :D well i added my comment, will you be able to keep it at the top till she does get home, cause i'm hopeless at that :D :D xx


Hmmmm not sure about that Sue , i think i will just have to wait and see :o :|


maybe Emjay could do it, although i'm sure you could :)

looks like we won't be seeing Kazz till tomorrow.........unless you have a good aim....::D :D :D xx


Sue if she is bending over, my spear will find her :D :D

So here goes ---------> wooooosh

Rite time for me to go i think :D :D


I think we both better hide tomorrow, where's a good place, emmmm, Andis suitcase :D :D xx


Hmmmmmm not sure about her suitcase, but perhaps her goody bag, cus knowing you Ladies, the contents of her suitcase will go straight into her washing machine, and well i aint that gooderer swimmer :o :(


never thought of that, i can't swim at all, we're a right pair :D :D :D


what shift you on tomorrow, hope it's not a horrible one xx


Sue its the same as last week, i would rarther do nights than this flippin shift gal :( :(

Anyway Er-in doors wants her dins, so i had better go now :( :( so i will say goodnight to you Sue, and god bless you gal, luvs ya gal :) xxxxxxx


I'm sorry about that Pete, don't let the b******s get to you :)

nite nite Pete, see you tomorrow, luv ya :) xxxxxx


I'm off to bed now,

nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


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