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Whoa There!!!

I think this new site is another way to keep us off the fags - passes a fair amount of time trying to find where you are wot ur doing and errrrm where your going!! Don't even know where my last post went to.

Well its been another lovely day here and am trying to get my house in order so's I don't have much to sort when on chemo/radiotherapy. Two days before I hear what they are going to attack me with, and if it is curative or palliative. I'm proper fed up of waiting now, but the cogs will turn at their own speed and Thurs will come soon enough. Am planning to have a day at The South Lakes Wildlife Park and hopefully gonna get eye to eye with some furry friends - and maybe even feed them, I hasten to add that although I like cats - the big ones will be at a very safe distance from me. And it will be so nice that I'm not smoking. I used to think it relieved stress - but actually it causes it. Used to spend half my time thinking about where/how/when I could have one. Not any more thank goodness. Anyway guys - I am getting there and hopefully next time I post there will be some news 8-)

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Lovely to hear from you Vee, I was wondering how you were doing. At least you have the right attitude to beat the nasty disease . Cant believe that smoking could cause so many problems. If only we could go back in time eh. Anyway enjoy your day at the wild life park. lots of hugs. xxxx :)


Hi Vee, good to hear from you. That sounds like a nice day out at the Wildlife Park, maybe wait until it gets a bit cooler? Animals in zoos and things seem very lazy and can't be bothered in this kind of weather, so perhaps they might be around a bit more to say hello if its a bit cooler. Good luck with Thursday.


Hey Vee, its great to see you again gal :) :) I thought you'd gone off and left us all alone, mind you saying that, this new flippin site, does take a bit of ermmm gettin around eh :o :|

It sounds like your still positive on your quit gal :) Ace gal, just Ace, any time you think you may need help, you come a shouting gal :o

Loads of love and huggs heading your way Vee :) xxxx and enjoy your day at the zoo :) :)


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