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Good morning, Well looks like most of us are now back on site. Certainly keeps us on our toes.

Another sunny hot day. Plenty of cool drinks at the ready. Healthy snacks too.

Well done to Sally reaching 6 months. and Jonathan hope your still coping well. Have a lovely day.

tried putting picky on but takes forever to download. so did without. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

We have another sunny day here, not as hot as yesterday but still sweltering for me :) Well done Sally, your doing great :), I hope your coping today Jonathon, stay strong, you'll do this :)

I hope you all have a fab day in the sun, whatever your doing :)


Morning Jilly, Sue and all,

Thanks for your comments on my post guys. I am reserving judgement about the changes made to the site.

Hope everyone has a brilliant day.

Sally... :)


Good morning Jillygirl, Sue, Sally and everybody :) :)

Its lovely and sunny here too 8-) 8-) :) rite best go and mow the lawns :P before it gets toooooo hot eh :( see ya all in a bit and enjoy the sun while its here :)


Hi Pete , have you managed to put on any pictures yet? I cant seem to get them on yet.

Seeing your the brainbox. :D


Aup Jillygirl, I think you got that wrong gal, cos ave got a box, thats alllllllllllllll :o :| hmmmm even that dont work sometimes :D :D :D


I was wondering about that as well Jillygirl, I can't put any on either, maybe we should get our two brain cells together see if they can work it out :D :D



well I posted pic but it might not work . :O


Sue it worked! yeah.


yeah, so it did, I might try one later, when I've finished feeding people :D :)


Hello & good afternoon

Thank you for the message - day 7 is underway (thank the Lord!!) - slightly over did it yesterday with the white wine (brakes missing) - need to be careful with this now !!!!!

Anyway at 12 noon tomorrow it will be 1 week - and what a week it has been !!! Do NOT want to go through that again ..... cravings now much more spaced out making it more bearable.

Apart from being a little hungover feeling miles better and breathing way way better.

Have a great day everybody - MANY THANKS



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