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Two days together -urrghh!!

Two days together -urrghh!!

This is getting worse - not a good day at work - All workmates being smokers and I don't even get the peace of being able to spend 3-4 mins outside away from the stress. Someone in the office arguing black is white telling me I was incorrect - when in fact they were wrong as it turned out. No apology - they just went off for a fag!! Kept my mouth shut - but sooo wanted that wicked little piece of tobacco. Someone offered me one - sooooo tempting!! I've got through it and have landed home in one piece without Nic - and without killing someone!! ;) I hope this is going to go sometime soon - am proper fed up . Anyway I have been in the garden getting my hands very dirty weeding and feeding etc. Decided to download to you lot now - sorry!! Please tell me this will go away - its as bad as it was on my first day. I would be so disappointed in myself if I had a ciggy now, so am gonna keep occupied for the rest of the evening or go to bed or something . . . . . :(

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Well done for not giving in. Its frustrating, but just think its all your work colleagues who smoke are actually punishing themselves. Your the non- smoker now. Show them and Nic who is boss. :)



Hey Veecatz,

"The girl done good today".

Yes, it is tough for sure. Could you pick up an eCig at your local store? Then when it's really tough, just use that,

They don't taste much like a ciggie, but it can ease that impossible craving for a few minututes - then you're up and running again.

It definately will get better... honestly. What your colleagues are doing ( smoking ) is up to them. But if you can stop now... you may well just live to a healthy old age - they might not!

Keep going, and give it your best shot... Everyone here knows what you're going through, so keep in touch huh.

All the best to you.



Well done Vee Stick at it you will get there and it does get better but time sometimes when we're not smoking seems to drag (no pun intended) so just keep thinking smoke free thoughts and when you're treating yourself with all those lovely thousands of pennies you've saved by NOT smoking and giving in to a little bitty craving you can look at them and THINK (for goodness sake don't say it out loud!) who's the idiot and it most certainly ain't you!!

Be proud of yourself as we are all proud of you.


Veecatz. I hope when you read this you will be feeling a little better. We all go through rough times. Not smoking is soooooooooo difficult I know, but if you can manage to work with smokers and not take a puff well I take my hat off to you. We will all get there in the end x


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