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Have you wrote a blog and then come to publish it, it vanishes ??!!


On this lovely site, we seem to get gremlins sometimes, which I'm sure Nic sends to annoy us all :o

What us regulars do is to copy-&-paste :) for those of you who dont know how to do this, then I will try to explane it to you :)

When you have finished writing your blog -

With your mouse pointer, go to the top-lefthand-side of your blog,

Left click the mouse button, and hold,

Drag the mouse pointer across and down your blog,

it will go blue,

Let your finger off the mouse button,

Hover the mouse pointer over the blue, and right click,

A drop down menu will appear,

Left click -- copy :)

If you lose your blog :(

Go onto the empty page

Right click the mouse,

A drop down menu will appear,

Left click -- paste

Your writing will appear :) :)

If it dont, dont come shouting at me, cos I will have mi earmuffs on :D :D

Have fun :D :D

Pete :)

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You can also find the information under tags "gremlins" :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

:P :P :D :D


This happened to me last week. I didn't copy and paste grrrr, but as it was like well past midnight I thought aww sod it, I'm not writing all that again and went to bed. Guess what - there it was the next morning. They seem to disappear into cyberspace sometimes and then suddenly just arrive unannounced. Always a good idea to copy to the pasteboard tho Pete, I always forget. The amount of cigs I've smoked over the years after losing some long thought out piece of writing. :D

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