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Loving all the comments posted on this site, just so some of you know today friday 26th April 2013 the sun finally came out in the North East, followed by heavy clouds and then hail (grim up North) 6.5 degrees half hour ago but getting warmer. Hope everybody down south is managing with their temperatures.

Just bought my new golf shoes which in turn means I have been off the cigars for 20 days.

Best wishes to all who are trying or about to try or who have fallen but ARE going to get up and have another go. Good Luck

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Well done to you, we knew you could do it :-)

As Mad says, a weekend away reward next time, maybe even a golfing weekend :D

We've had sunshiny weather here today, rain and then back to sunshine again!

Keep up the good efforts and you'll soon be into your 4th week :D :D


20days ! fantastic. What a proud non-smoker you must be. :)



Well done Jimi, 3 weeks now - soon be a month before you know it! :)

We're up to a balmy 11 degrees down here in the south today. I'm not like all you hardy golfers though, who got out in all weathers to get their fix. Every time I planned to go out today it started pouring down with hail :( although the sun came back out in between. :)


Well dont plan to go out then :o :P :D :D

8-) 8-)


Hey Jimbob, ACE pal cant fault you, you flippin reward yourself for doing soooooo gooooood, :) :) take every day as it comes, but please try to be prepared for that ONE day, cos you never know when or if it will come :o I was on my 10th week, when nic got me :( so please keep your guard up, ready and waiting, just in case eh :)

To my reckoning, theres more Women on this site, that are now Xsmokers, than there are men :P :P :D :D so with your help we might just be able to change that :D :D :D

Stay lucky Jim, and i hope your handicap improves :o :| :D :D

Speak soon, Pete :)


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