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Hi All,

Just wanted to put something out there for those of you who are under stress, in case it helps, even a little.

When we respond to stress, our bodies use up more magnesium and B vitamins, and Vitamin C than normal. When stress is chronic, it can be really easy to run low on these nutrients. It can be really difficult to get enough magnesium through diet (especially for those with digestive disorders), Soaking feet in Epsom salts foot bath a few times a week can help, also you can get magnesium oil to rub on the skin , and your body will absorb it. A good B complex is useful to support the daily stress response - a methylated form is good (more expensive, but better than standard). Our eating habits can go out of the window when we're caring for loved ones, and it's so easy to let our own nutrition slip. When B vits get low, we're more prone to feeling low, in both energy and mood. Low magnesium can cause cramps, muscle pain, headaches, high blood pressure...and can stop your body using calcium properly for bone health. It's all i can do to keep propping my mum up, keep cooking meals and ordering supplements! Thought I'd put it here in case it helped anyone else.

You're all amazing. I'm in awe of the posts I read every day. I don't post often as life is so frantic, but it's lovely to have you all in the background. I wish I could persuade my mum to access this group too - still working on it!

Sarah x

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  • Good and informative post, thank you Sarah!

    Give your mum time, my mum reads a lot on here now, but it took her time to adjust and accept psp for what it really is, shit!! X

  • Thank you for the info . Both B and I are low in B....and probably D since we live ina cave (I't dark in here). He gets a good amount of supplement with his Osmolite. I eat crackers.....I try to eat... it's not something I find all that rewarding, Plus I don't know how other people feel, but now that I tube feed my loved one, meal preparing becomes a laborious task and then I feel guilty eating when he cannot. I do over come this and try to make a large meal from which I get my weeks foodstuffs ....sorry I don't know why I unloaded that on ya but it is what it is....

    Thanks again for the info.....wheres my vitamin pills!


  • It can be really hard to cook for yourself, when low on energy and motivation. I got my mum a Nutribullet and if I nag her enough, she'll blend half an avocado, a handful of leaves and some frozen mango and cashew nuts, may be half a banana too. Tops up with almond milk - it takes 5 minutes...but I do have to nag her!

  • You sound like my son. He eats beans rice and spinach and kale salads smoothies....constantly telling me I should eat that.....not against it believe in keeping yourself healthy.....just don't put my money where my mouth is .....

    I am glad you take care of your mum so well and you are right it doesn't take that much time.....She's a lucky mom...


  • Thanks for posting this, which is prime example of how the folks of this community look out for one another! Good to be reminded of how we need to take care of our health, and that there are simple things we can do. Thanks, ec

  • Thanks Sarah for your post, I'm on magnesium supplement for night time cramps in my legs, which thankfully I'm not bothered with anymore, but I wasn't aware of its other benefits. Nanny857

  • Thanks for reminding us carers Sarah, I am guilty of not eating properly and tend to snack, mostly on the wrong things. I am meticulous making sure Ben gets all the nutrients he needs but often neglect myself. Your post has given me a nudge to try to care for myself too.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Thank you for the information! I'm certainly guilty for not eating well. I cook everyday for my sister and my dad, but I find myself not hungry after cooking for a couple of hours. So, a lot of times I don't eat when they do. Later, I find myself eating a bowl of cereal. Plus, I'm diabetic and have gastroparesis. I know not eating well is not wise. However, taking these vitamins should be added to my dietary routine. Thank you for the reminder to take better care of myself. I'm all they have for a caregiver.

  • Wow, you really need to look after yourself too. I'm a nutritional therapist, and from what I know about gastroparesis, poorly controlled blood sugar can make it worse. So if you're stressed and not eating properly, this is a real double whammy for you. Cereal will really hit your blood sugar hard. What about protein drinks/smoothies to sip at? If you need any suggestions let me know. It never fails to amaze me what selfless people are in this group - you all give so much. I have an urge to look after you all!

  • Sarah, many thanks for that. I am another who doesn't look after herself! I have got vitamin D and Magnesium in the kitchen. Do I take them?!! Well I am now going to get some and leave some out for the morning! I am so stressed out tonight this is really timely.

    Many thanks for thinking about us all.

    Marie x

  • This such good advice. Thanks for sharing this. We need to be reminded of such things.

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