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It's over now

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Bob is gone. Left us on Friday. What a battle he fought!! I can remember thinking I'd never get to this point... to the point of posting this. I joined this group about 5 1/2 yrs ago, after finally getting a diagnosis. He was a good man but needed to get out of that body... if that's how it works. Life is not always fair, never know what we're going to be dealt. We all have an expiration date, 62 years old just seems too soon. Love and strength to you all on your journey. It's not an easy one.


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Oh Joan, I am so sorry to read this. 62 is so very young. You are is not always fair! So sad. As you said, he needed to get out of his body. That way he can be at peace. They say we will find peace with the hands we were dealt as well.

I send you a huge hug and heartfelt condolences.


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laroux in reply to Mikey12345

Thank you!

I am so sorry! So unfair to be taken so young. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care of yourself. xxxxx

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laroux in reply to daffodil48

Thank you:)

You have my deepest condolences. Your husband is now at peace.


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laroux in reply to Dadshelper


Dear Joan,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss - even though you and Bob fought long and hard and deserved peace at last. Your heart must hurt so badly.

Your loss is extra painful because of the early onset and young age of your Bob. He, like all our loved ones, deserved so much better. I hope that he is now flying free, a spirit in harmony with the universe, without pain, without weakness or limits, full of light and peace :-)

You and I can now be newbies in the grief group and compare notes.

Love and support from British Columbia XXX

Anne G.

So true Anne G. 4 and a half weeks since I lost Leon, somedays it seems an eternity, others like yesterday. Still finding it difficult with the time I now have on my hands. 8 plus years of constantly caring for someone is difficult to deal with the time now. Cheers Marg H

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Cuttercat in reply to margh2468

Yes, Marg, the hours tick by. It's been almost 4 weeks for me and time I have doesn't make me happy at all.

Keep posting, it helps. It truly does.


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margh2468 in reply to Cuttercat

This site has been so so good for me. I have filled in forms to become a volunteer with Borella House where Leon spent his last 4 months, police check etc etc, finally came through and got in touch, but can't give me VOLUNTEER work for a month ???!!! Thought helping would help me wile away the time and do something helpful. Ughhhhh guess it will get better with time Hugs

Well, if nothing else, use this time to lavish attention on your health...(at least that's my advice to myself..!) Spas, walking, pools, the best salads (buy them) vitamins, sleep, sun.....I got a schedule for the rec centre drop in exercise classes today. Didnt go..but I got the schedule! ;-)

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laroux in reply to raincitygirl

Well... I just completely emptied, dug and pulled out my flower bed, hauled in mulch and re- did the whole thing...things to keep the mind, body and soul busy. Ithink for the next while everything we do will be part of the healing process.


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raincitygirl in reply to laroux

I think you're right Joan. But you are way more energetic than I am - I'm just THINKING about all the physical stuff I should do to become healthier again and help me be tired at night :-)

Way to go, lady. But as my Garth (who was born in Sask but raised in Alberta) always said: "Albertans get 'er done".



Marg, I already feel the length of the days..After years of constant focus on our loved ones, that very sudden cessation of duty is staggering! And even though it was hard and we hurt for what they suffered, the act of caring for them was "Life"!! ...and to suddenly have that ripped away: wow...... Cutter is right about posting, though :-)

Yes posting and reading here is an amazing help, "Life" as such has stopped, people kept saying you have to take time out (prior to Leon passing) you have to have a LIFE well Leon was my life. xxoo

Yes, caring was my life and nothing now. And I don't have any desire either, just so lonely and sad.

We will find our way. Bless you.


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margh2468 in reply to Cuttercat

Thinking of you too. As I have said on numerous occassions, this site is so so helpful. Just knowing others are out there going through the same thing, means so much. Hugs to you xxoo

Joan, so sorry to hear of your loss. Sincere condolences. 62 is supposed to be early retirement, not a fight for survival.

Thinking of you as you grieve.


Dear Joan, I can't believe that another one of this family has left this world, so sorry but as usual the message is that he is free of the suffering and indignities of these terrible diseases. I thought Ben was young at 66, 62 is far too young. No matter how prepared you think you are, the end is still very painful and sad for those of us left to cope on our own and the different emotions seem endless and sometimes conflicting. Take care of yourself as you start the grieving process, it's a bit of a rollercoaster that needs time to get through.

Sending much love and support

Kate xxx

Dear Joan, my sincerest condolences to you and your family.

I agree that Bob was too young, but at least now he will be free of this truly evil disease.

Sending you much love x

So terribly sorry for your loss,


Dear Joan, I am so sorry to hear that Bob has passed away. may he rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

Now is time to use those hard learnt caring skills on yourself. Take your time, nothing has to be done today. There is only one way to grieve and that is YOUR way!

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


My thoughts and prayers are with you Joan. Bob has gone but you have your memories of him and hopefully, gradually, the memories of the last few traumatic years will fade and you will see Bob as how he was prior to PSP. May you also feel peace in the next few difficult weeks and one day come to see there can be a good life after PSP.



He looks great in the photo.

I hope his leaving was an easy one and that you had a chance to say fair wells.

I hope too that your path gets a little easier when it might and that he is close to you in spirit.

Sadly and warmly


So sorry Joan for your loss, yes much to young, may he rest in peace, he is in a much better place. Big hug. Yvonne xxxxx

Dear Joan

Sorry to hear Bob passing, you are right in saying life can be so unfair,and psp can be tough on you both,my wife Kathy is only 63 and in her 4th know it's love which drives us to looking after our partners, take care , gather your strength,love will surround you ,xx Peter and Kathy

So so true

I lost my identical twin sister at 66. It's such cruel illness and like your husband didn't deserve it. Take care xxx

So sad. He was much too young. My condolences to you all.

Just take things one day at a time.

love, Jean xx

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and condolences :))

Joan, if it works for you, please keep in touch. Because we are in the same spot at the same time, I believe we will have much in common. We can compare notes :-) Message me anytime - I'm here for you. Thinking of you. XXXX

Anne G.

Oh how I feel for you. 62 is so so young. However, it is an incidious illness, and I feel that those affected are not living life. The mind is so so good but the body gives up. Hugs and thoughts are with you. Marg H Howlong N.S.W. Australia

A big hug.


I am so sorry. I looked back at your posts - that was a long long drawn out journey. I don't know if I will ever have the strength to cope with all that. You are a star.


I’m so sorry to hear your news. I do hope it works the way you’ve describe and that Bob is indeed out of that body that chained him so. Hugs to you.

Peace be with you Joan, take good care of yourself. Bob is ar peace.



Joan, I am so sorry to learn about Bob's passing. My John will be 64 next week and wonder how many birthdays remain. So many souls set free lately, so many new angels up in heaven.

Hugs, Alice

Dear Joan,

So sad! I'm with you in spirit. I'm left with a memory of a young man in an old man's body. Charles, like Bob, fought until the end. Five years for us as well. I'd start all over again if I could, but the struggle was too much.

I'm so sorry and am with you as we start this next horrible journey.


I am so sorry for your loss. Such a horrible and devastating disease. May he rest in peace. Wishing you and your family comfort during this time.


Joan,was re reading your post and you and your Bob have been through He** and back.

He sounded like a very determined man and went on his time and not a minute before,I have one of those guys.You did your best and now it's your time to be released from this horrible disease as well

Condolence to you and your family

From another canuck

Take care


Thinking of you at this sad time. Bob is now free from this evil disease. Now you have to look after yourself just as you looked after Bob so lovingly. Sending love, Nanny857xx

So sorry. Love to you. Ec

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