Endless skills as always!

We carers have many skills.Mine have been veterinary this week too ha ha.One spaniel had a punctured tongue from a stick,so daily antibiotics wrapped in ham,and the other spaniel has ear mites i suspect so another trip to the vets,then it will be ear cleaning and drops!Its a change,i guess as at bed time hubbys peg pipe blocked!great fun when all you want is bed.Woke up to hubby tapping the wall for me {he cant speak now}and the catheter pipe had come off!Wet sheets!At least the day is glorious and the sun is out.Off to see the physio now for my back,whilst our excellent carers shower D.Sos to have a moan.Cant wait for Sat as all the family descend as its Dvds 59th Birthday.I will be making a big victoria sandwich filled with fresh cream and my friends homemade strawberry jam. xxxxxx

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  • Its endless isn't it!

    "I will be making a big victoria sandwich filled with fresh cream and my friends homemade strawberry jam."

    Sounds lovely :)

    Hope you have a great clan gathering.



  • Certainly is Kevin.Cant wait for a cuddle with our grandson,He makes everyone happy xxxxPS Take carex

  • Our catheter came off too....pee all over hard wood floors! I think I will put the catheter in a depends.....It can't hurt right?

    Well on to looking forward to a wonderful birthday party/family reunion....Hope you can stay sane til then...Whats a Victoria sandwich?

  • Poor you,at least we all can understand how tricky life is.A Victoria Sandwich is a plain sponge cake,just flour eggs butter and sugar,self raising flour that is. xxx

  • Victoria Sandwhich then is filled with icing; cream; jams; jellys, yummy!

  • A lady of many talents. Life is never boring as a full time carer is it? Have a great time with with the family celebrating Ds birthday.

    I hope the dogs are soon feeling 100% as well.


  • Thankyou,they have been eating apples off the tree today xxxxx

  • Have s lovely day, enjoy your Victoria sponge, it amazing what you can fit into your day xxxxx

  • That didn't sound like a moan at all! Have a lovely weekend!!


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