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Constipation tip


Hi everyone, just wanted to share something that's working for us. J has been having a horrible time with constipation. We were on prunes, fruit, Movicol etc, which was all working for a while. Until they eventually all became less useful and poor J was getting terribly blocked up. Our wonderful new doctor started us on additional meds to try and get things moving. We added Clopamon tablets as well as Lacson syrup. She explained that laxatives do 1 of 2 things: either make the colon work, ie encourage peristalsis (this is what Movicol does) or draw liquid out of the body into the bowels to make the faecal matter more moist and 'slippery'. This type of laxative is better for PSP patients. Things still weren't working so we added Evax capsules, which are apparently only for hectic cases. She also advised us to try tummy massages, which I now give to J every night for 5 to 10 minutes. This massage seems to have made all the difference! After a month of being blocked up, the Evax got the first evacuation underway. Since then the tummy massages seem to be helping things keep moving. We've stopped the evax completely and halved the other meds and J is now having a bowel movement every 2 to 4 days which is great. He is so much brighter and more comfortable.

The massage is really simple. Just using your fingers or thumbs, start under the left ribcage where the stomach empties into the colon. Run your fingers across to the right ribcage, then down to above the hip bone, across to inside the left hip bone and up again to the left ribcage. From there to under the sternum and then a zig zag down to the public bone. So it's basically a picture frame with a squiggle in the middle. You're basically tracing the path of the colon and encouraging matter to move along. You don't need to press too hard as you will then be working too deep. Try it out. J finds it quite enjoyable and he's convinced it's helping to keep him regular. It's a simple enough thing to try. Hope it helps someone else!

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CONGRATULATIONS! There's nothing like a good bowel movement , eh? and to think it was right at your finger tips? If he is thin enough (or backed up enough), you can actually feel the material in the colon...but like you said not too hard....Well long may you have a "moving" continence! Thanks for the info by the way!


Sawa in reply to abirke

Who ever thought I would know so much about sh*t and get so happy about a bowel movement. Planet PSP is a strange place indeed!

abirke in reply to Sawa

hahahaha! A whole new attitude for , "Having a crappy day?" New answer, " Why yes, thank you"

psplife in reply to Sawa

Planet PSP-lol! Only a few of us get to have the opportunity to live on this plant! Darn it! So grateful for this website.


jillannf6 in reply to abirke

i agree av#lol jill


Fantastic post thank you!

And well done!!!!!!



Thank for such a detailed plan. I will save it for future problems. Very helpful to know we have a remedy to fall back on.

God Bless...

Thanks for that. I'll try that next time we need to. I'll have to take the PEG into consideration though. Something that has made a huge difference to C is giving him a lot more fluid. After going for a week between movements, he now goes daily. I used to plan our outings around movements. After he had gone I knew we could go out safely for a few days afterwards. Better for him but now we take a chance going out.


Sawa in reply to NannaB

We've also upped his fluids but it hasn't solved the problem completely. Just bear in mind it took us a couple of days of massage before it had an effect. It was certainly not an immediate solution.

NannaB in reply to Sawa

Worth the time if it's worked though. Well done!



Great tip! I will start the massaging asap.



i 2 will start the massage myself

;ol jill


shasha in reply to jillannf6

me too !

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