Well we were up early to get George to the hospital in London, which took us nearly three hours, looking for disabled parking in the borough of Westminster, was impossible to find, so had to pay for parking, another 20 pounds, new disabled badge, did not have enough time from getting it to register it, so we would not have to pay, another 11.50, for congestion charge. Only to be told after being in the hospital for nearly 2 hours, that George's urine test was not back, and it showed a urine infection, and the male nurse must of thought I was stupid, he kept asking me if George was on wafrin told him no about 10 times, then they said they needed another blood test, because they did not do enough when we were there Thursday. We were told that they could not do the operation today, they would send me another date, I was not happy, and then the doctor wanted us to wait on the ward for the antibiotics, I asked her how long that would take she said 30-40 minutes, felt like screaming told her to give me the prescription, I could go downstairs and get it, which took me 5 minutes, just wanted to get home another 2 hours, what a waste of a day!!!!!!!!! I also told the nurse on Thursday when she did the urine test not to take it out of the catheter bag, because it would show signs of infection, but she did not listen. Yvonne xxxxxx

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  • Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm screaming for/with you. What a waste of a day. You are a braver person than me as well. No way would I drive in London and after all that, you had a long drive back. I don't know what to say so instead I'll send you a great big hug and hope/pray you have a good day tomorrow and a more successful appointment next time.

    💐 🍷And a hug.


  • Oh Yvonne how frustrating and infuriating. I think when George is settled in bed you deserve a 🍷or two

  • Hi Yvonne... Queens Square, Charring Cross? Wonderful if it is... but not the only places.

    Yes, we do that one... and we get home shattered.

    Here's a tip if it works for you. Park in outer London (cheaper) and take a Taxi for the last bit. If you can manage the transfers. London Taxis have wheelchair ramps BTW.

    You did right to pay the pay the parking and get it right. Westminster Borough Council and their parking scheme is famous for being harsh beyond words, even by London standards. The stories I could tell there!

    Glad you both made it through. I feel for you.



  • Note to self:

    No Kevin Charing Cross has not yet been moved t Westminster!

  • Thank you everyone George is fast asleep, I am in bed so tired. Kevin it was another part of queens square it is easy to park there, we went to Old Moreland street, which is up near Harley street, thank you for your hug. Nanny857 don't like wine, but I would love a good night sleep xxxxxxx

  • They never listen. Don was in the hospital last week, where they screwed him up royally. I took him there since he was getting rigid again and had a feeling he had a UTI. They admitted him, said no he didn't. This was 3 or 4 AM. Then they did not give him any of his meds which made him even more rigid including the ones for blood pressure, etc. Then on Monday they decided he had a mild UTI and put him on Cipro. Took him home with his aide since I could not budge him from there screw ups. Finally doing better except for 2 falls at home. I threatened the hospital for there inefficiency but do they care that would be a big NO. You just can't win

    Audrey xoxo

  • Audrey, if you get time do write a complaint. They may not do anything to compensate, but the complaints have to be answered and they will be scrutinised when the hospital is assessed. Hopefully making it a better service in the future. It may help you also , I always feel so much better when I scrawl things down, it helps me to "let go". Best wishes, big hug. X

  • Agree written complaint, but copy to your MP with covering letter explaining why. Also if local to you try and get to one of the MP's surgeries probably need to book through constituency office.

    Agree with London cabs when took M to Gatwick for last holiday a year ago. Took cab from Euston to Victoria, cab took wheelchair securely plus bags and me with space to spare both ways, also found Station, Virgin trains and airport staff all very friendly and efficient. Took planning but worth it.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Robbo TY for your comment. Right now I am to tired to do anything but rest whenever I can.

    Big hug back,

    Audrey xoxo

  • You do that thing. Take care. X

  • Thank You X

  • Sounds like a terribly cruel reality program, trying to see just how much you can stand. You're the survivor all right, but what an awful disasterous mess, wholly unnecessary by the sound of it. I'm really sorry, Yvonne. Hong in there. Love, ec

  • What a nightmare, Yvonne. The frustration makes me want to scream and have a tantrum.

    Hope you can rest. A big hug from Jean x

  • Another example of the seemingly callous indifference of some of the "caring profession" I was so relieved when they transferred Bugs from Kings to our local hospital - no more getting to the station at 7am to try to make a 9am appointment. I once made the mistake of phoning and asking for a later appointment and got it _ 3 months later!

    I hope the next visit goes more smoothly.

  • Oh Yvonne, what a stressful time you have had. You deserve to give yourself a treat, chocolate , wine, nice cup of tea. You are doing your very best and others have not considered what you have gone through to do what you do. "Blinkered nursing ", I call it. Do take care. Sending a big hug. X

  • Frustrating !!! Why, oh why, doesn`t just one of these people just do their job properly AND put the welfare of the patient first ? There seems to be little or no liaison between individuals or different departments. They can`t possible go home at night with an easy conscience and think `what a good job I`ve done today` - or can they ?


  • I think they really don't care, I was driving for over 5 hours, so tired, they knew we have a long way to go to the hospital, did not seem bothered at all, George looks really tired, saying he is not well, feeling really lonely like I have lost my best friend to PSP life is just not fair xxxxx

  • I'm so sorry you feel like that but I know exactly what you mean - P has been my best friend for 50 years or so and I now feel slightly 'out of place' wherever I go even though family and friends are great . Although I still try, I can't share silly jokes and comments with P because he is so slow thinking (when he was able, he described it as having a foggy brain).


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