Well an update on George, the hospital is rubbish, they leave people shouting asking for water, no one comes. Son came up had a word with the nurses everything started to move quickly, they had not given him his meds, told them George looked worse, they moved quickly to get it done. Asked if George could come home and be treated at home, they have agreed if his blood tests come back ok. Will get better care at home. My son asked them to empty catheter, she came and did it, then went to empty another catheter, my son said I can't believe she did not change her gloves. Another man his urine bottle was on the table, with urine in it, then they put a cup of tea down next to the bottle, that bottle was there for at least 2 hours. Man calling out for a drink for a few hours, no one came, just want to get George home to a clean safe environment, hopefully they will let him come home. Yvonne xxxxx

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  • Hey, so sorry to read your father is in such a rubbish hospital, write all down and take the papers to the Chief Executive. If that makes you feel vulnerable do it when your father is home. It's the only way to get things changed. I've done it at the time of an incident and them after the person died. Don't be afraid to complain. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Love jingles

  • That is dispicable, it would no go down well in Toronto. So sad that this is allowed to happen!!!! Do these people not have a heart??? Can you call your memeber of parliament??? Let them know the state of care people are getting??? Oh this has me so irate I can't type fast enough....I have one word that keeps coming to mind can you not help someone that is unwell.

    You are in my thoughts

  • WHAT! OMG! Write this down...take pictures video what you can of people calling out (may not be able to use their faces but authorities will get gist!) I hope you can come to a quick resolve to this situation...

    ((Legal HUGS))


  • I'm so sorry the care is subpar. I think this happens at any facility unless you act as an advocate. My father is at an assisted living facility and I had to keep on them. Finally, I took pictures on my cell phone and presented them to management. Just the fact I had proof and that I would go public improved his care greatly.

    Of course, home is preferable but not always doable.

    Good luck.

    Barb (PSPwife)

  • Omg Yvonne where is this?! Poor George poor you, total crap!! I know the NHS have cutbacks but it really is truly horrifying to read this and breaks my heart! I hope you can George home soon to a much healthier environment!! Finally well done to your son, he sounds like a lovely chap! Hugs to you all x

  • Will keep all crossed George is home very soon. Mum had an awful experience in hospital and I put in a very lengthy complaint after she was home. I was going around helping all the people in her bay as buzzers were ignored for ages and ages. It is such a sad state our NHS is in now and care system as a whole.

  • Yvonne I'm so sorry, we had exactly the same experience when Keith was last in hospital, absolute nightmare, I didn't dare leave him, they just don't understand the problems with PSP, it's completely alien to them! When Keith fell in the care home last week, I went rushing over there to prevent the paramedics from taking him to hospital again, it's the first thing they do and probably the worst! Nobody understands the problems do they? Except all of us of course!

    Sending you a big hug....Pat xx

  • Oh, our wonderful NHS, the envy of the world! Well World, you are reading this, what do you think????

    Unfortunately, what Yvonne is writing about is the norm, in most of our hospitals. We have not choice, but to suffer. Yes, there is private insurance, but it doesnt cover emergency admissions, or life limiting diseases like PSP. Of course we could pay for private, but that would have to be the FULL cost. The problem is to get private care, you have to have be referred by your GP, paid for by the NHS, or bypass the whole system, which the cost would be enormous, only the extremely rich can afford that.

    Yvonne, I don't know what to say, bar apologise on behalf on the nation, for this totally crap and unacceptable situation. People blame the "cuts" but that doesn't excuse badly trained staff, or nurses not emptying urine bags. I agree, I would have S out of there quick, but where does that leave you? You must get more help at home NOW. There must be one good person in this hospital to explain your plight and your need for more care at home. Get your wonderful son on to it first thing.

    Sending you a very big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Yvonne what hospital is that? I know they all use the excuse of 'cut backs' but nothing surprises me,. I know if somebody can't feed theirselves they don't eat/drink how is anyone supposed to get well again!

    Hope you can get George home, but with the help you need

    Love Debbie xx

  • There's no place like home Yvonne. I hope he is soon back there.


  • Oh dear. That is so bad. Poor George.

    You will have to be prepared to be difficult. Hope it gets sorted.

    Love, Jean xx

  • Thank you all, just have to wait for the blood test to come back, hopefully he will be home on Thursday , his arms are black and blue, can't wait to get him out, I know it is going to be hard, but at least he will be safe. Everyone was so helpful after Peter complained. NannaB how are you doing? You are right there is no place like home xxxx.

  • Make sure you catch up on sleep whilst you can. Plan for others to share night watch ?

    I know for Chris the food is so important. Not quantity but taste.

    We will keep him at home as long as possible, as thats what he wants. I am not calling for much help until crisis stage.

    You are there, Yvonne. Call in ALL the troops.

    Love, hugs Jean xx

  • Yvonne

    Had similar problems. Hubby been in hospital 3 times during the past year. I complained to PALS the first time but didn't follow it through. 2nd time I did follow it through. Had a meeting this week. It lasted for 2 hours! They were taping it all too. Anyway I made a few points about the first complaint and the last time he was in with pneumonia! So got it all off my chest! I got an apology and 2 Matrons gave me their numbers to ring if he ends up in hospital again! They couldn't have been nicer. The thing is had I gone to the press they would have been mortified and shamed and they knew it.

    Now if only I could get an apology from Social Services?! Maybe I will work on that next week.

    I also need to have a chat with the manager of the home hubby is in! I am not at all happy as they are STILL not cutting his food up. Neither does anyone sit with him when he eats. I think he needs to be fed. They tell me he is only like that when I am there!!

    They have said he is now bedbound which he is because they don't get him out of bed, and if they do won't put him back when he wants to go back! So seems they have decided to just leave him in bed! So time to get him into a Nursing Home I think but not sure that will be any better! Probably won't be able to choose where he goes either.

    The NHS and Care System are in bits thanks to Mr Osborne deciding to pay back the country's debt by 2015! is now 2016 and we are in more debt!! Worse services and still they are saying they are giving more money to the NHS....but they want savings at the same time!! SAVINGS = CUTS! I am ashamed of these people but of course they are so wealthy they will never have to worry about such things?

    Sorry for rant! Yvonne report all of this to PALS. That is the only way we mere humans will get any influence on what happens?

    Marie x

  • Hi Yvonne, that was Ben's experience in one of the hospitals he stayed in, brand new build, single rooms with ensuite but food and care rubbish, The lack of staff made it seem like a ghost town. The orthopaedic ward in Bristol was manically busy but much better care, the matron was brilliant and rolled her sleeves up when needed, a brilliant example to other staff. The last cottage hospital was much more personal but still patients had to wait a bit too long before being dealt with when needed. Quite an eye opener to see how different they all were. It is so hard to watch when you witness such poor care, you feel like marching out and screaming at the staff to pull their fingers out, I know that they are so under resourced and morale is often very low but good leadership makes all the difference I think. Glad they have agreed for George to come home to recover, Ben was a different man when he got home after 13 weeks in hospitals.

    Sending you love and hugs

    Kate xx

  • Dear Yvonne,

    I`m shocked and saddened but not surprised about the treatment George is having in hospital. I could relate similar stories from the past few years.

    Take care of yourself too when George gets home.


  • Wow George is home, nurses coming in 3 times a day, if needed the consultant will visit, such a good idea . Thank you all for your lovely messages xxxx c

  • I am stunned. How on earth have you managed that????? Your son must be a pretty scary sort of guy. Do you rent him out? Lots of us could use his services!

    Yvonne, so glad you managed to get George home. Away from that evil hospital, which you haven't named by the way. Name and shame, I say!

    Hope you are both getting lots of rest and coming out the other side of this particular nightmare.

    Sending very big cuddle and much love

    Lots of love


  • I'm really happy you have that sorted. Sounds a good deal.

    love and hugs, Jean xx

  • I can rent him out, the hospital was in Harlow I think that comes under Essex. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Nurses that are coming in are lovely xxxxxx

  • I'll remember that!!!

    Take care Yvonne.

    Lots of loveHeady

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