Hospital again

Well we have been at the hospital all day again today, George fell over in the night, got him back into bed after a struggle, he seemed ok, when the careers turned up in the morning, he would not open his eyes, would not respond to anything, ambulance came we took him to hospital, they could not find out what was wrong, they let him come home, feel like we have shares in the hospitals. We were there 10 hours the last 3 waitng for the discharge letter, we were told it would take 30 minutes, but over 2 hours latter we were still waiting, I lost it and said to the nurse my husband is terminally ill, he is getting agitated, and I am getting stressed out, I was tired, also said the same to the doctor, why we had to wait for the letter, when they send it to the doctors. Oh well another day of living with this horrible illness. Love to you all Yvonne xxxxxx

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  • Bless you Yvonne, I really feel for you having been in that position several times with Keith! Why on earth they keep you waiting so long for a piece of paper that the doctor will get anyway is completely beyond me! I think if it happened to us again I would just get up and take Keith home regardless of the consequences, after all it can't get any worse can it?

    Thinking of you Yvonne, try and get a good rest tonight if you can, I really hope you do...

    Sending you a big hug....Pat xx

  • Thank you Pat, I should off got angry earlier, hope you are both ok, and the baby is doing well. Sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxx

  • Oh Yvonne, what an ordeal. How's George now? Someone here asked a few days ago why everyone seemed to be having an especially hard time just lately, and I'm wondering if the dark days are contributing to it.. I'd like to think so, because then next week things should take a turn for the better. I'll be glad to know the sun is gaining again. Happy solstice to us all. Love and hugs to you, Yvonne. Hang on! Ec

  • I'm so sorry Yvonne, for both you and George. Has George begun responding; eyes open? Able to walk etc? Well sending you a hug....and a letter that you can use to get out of the hospital at any


  • I hope he is more responsive now. It sounds like the episode C had a couple of weeks ago. I was asked if I wanted him to go to hospital and I said no. If it was the end, he always said he doesn't want to die in hospital, if it wasn't, what would they do there? He wasn't eating or drinking but had done the day before so the doctor who came to the house said leave him until the next morning. At 8pm, he was back with us.

    If he was in obvious pain I would get him to hospital if it was recommended but from past experiences, know it causes more distress to him and me. I know there is a chance he may end up there but I'll avoid it if at all possible. I'm presuming George became more responsive as they let him home so hope he manages to avoid falls. This roller coaster we are all on is playing havock with my emotions and I think I've aged loads in the last few weeks. When the boys were young, I'd choose to stay and watch our youngest on the gentle roundabout and leave the roller coaster to Colin and the older sons. He didn't like the roller coaster either so think he is getting is own back now.

    Wishing everyone a smooth ride today.


  • mOrning Bev and Yvonne . It certainly has been a roller coaster , how on earth have we managed it all so far . Well we just do , we are a stubborn bunch .

    Yvonne those episode are worrying and frightening after all we are not the professional , on the other hand we know better than they do ,

    I try not to look in the mirror these days Bev , I opended the car door and caught a glimpse of the old woman I have become in the side mirror , I didn't like the look at all .

    my hair needed cutting , my face pale. I don't get out in the daylight very much now .

    I have always taken pride in myself . The only pride I take now is the way I have I have been able to support John. Now I am consultant nurse carer podiatrist hairdresser , Physio OT house keeper chamber maid shall I go on lol .. But there I don't need to tell you all that do I .,

    All together , " Always look on the bright side of life. Dadadadadadadada. .xx

  • Everyone keeps on telling me I look sick. Just what I need to hear. Guess what I have been sick for the lat 3 weeks cabbage

  • Hope you feel better soon💐💐💐💐

  • Oh dear Yvonne, another trauma you have had to face, I realise that hospital A and E are very busy but think there should be priority placed on terminally ill people. They and their families have enough to deal with without all of these added emotional trials to go through. I do hope George is a bit better today. Sending my love and comforting arm around the shoulder. Take care now. Kate xxx

  • Hi all thank you for your replies, yes all ok last night, managed to get my hair done today, after three cancelled appointments. Thank you all for your hugs and lovely wishes, really need them at the moment, feeling down. Yvonne xxxx

  • So has George improved at all? Glad you were able to get to the salon. It makes a difference, doesn't it? I managed to get my guy to the barber this week and he looks so much better. I told him last night, when we in church waiting for the music to begin, how handsome his new haircut made him, and he said "Well, she had a lot to work with." And I laughed so loud heads turned.

    He always had a lovely sense of humor, but of course it was true, too!

  • George had his hair and beard cut last week, I took him to the barbers, the barber was saying to George I am going to make you look like a model. We were laughing so much xxxxxx

  • Hope you have got your cool back and that George is responding. Not had the Hospital experience yet, another PSP joy to look forward to. Like you say about hair cut M had her hair done last week and it perked her up for a day or two, maybe a bit of pampering is what they (and us too) need occaisionally to lift the spirits.

    Maybe a massage or aromatherapy wonder if they do home visits idea for Christ present, thanks Yvonne for sparking an idea.

    You look after yourself Tim

  • Hope things continue to improve, Yvonne.

    I take C to have a shave regularly. It works out expensive but it really matters to him. The barber " Norman always quotes me saying I want him looking young and handsome and waits for me to confirm he does. He is still a handsome man !!

    Shame he can't woo me like he did.

    Oh, well. We must focus on how it is.

    Love to you both. Jean x

  • Hello, so glad to hear that George is feeling better, I am my hubbies personal barber, and he has a beard so he is looking a little like Santa now, he keeps pouting and pointing to cut it so tomorrow is the day, not too much wine tonight 😊 xx

  • Yes George has a beard, not very good at cutting it xxxx

  • Good for you Yvonne for giving out to them you have had More than enough to deal with recently. Glad you were able to get your hair done, they say when your hair is good you feel good and I agree with that. Hopefully George has recovered. Lots of love, Nanny xx

  • Poor, poor you. Sending hugs. Xc

  • :(

  • Thank you all I have become thick skinned, don't care anymore, I will fight my corner, no matter what, I was never like that before. Love to you all, are you all ready for Christmas? I really can't be bothered, but grandchildren , give you something to look forward to, they are so excited xxxxx

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