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George has had a bad few days, we thought he had a urine infection, first doctor gave him medication without seeing him, things went from bad to worse, lovely community nurse came in last night she was lovely, he did not settle after she left, so I rang 111 at 11.15 lovely doctor came at 3.20 he examined George seemed ok, told me take take sample I to doctors first thing in the morning, and changed the medication first doctor gave him. We had a very bad night, I think I got an hours sleep, then he started with help me help me, I need the loo, I was so tired, no patience, felt bad, in the end I knew things were not right, I called the community nurse, told her I was ready to kill George, our lovely community nurse came, she said we can take of the catheter, but she said let me take a sample back with me, if it is urine infection, we will take away the catheter. She rung me back said that it was not a urine infection, he sugar was way high, she was going to ring the doctor, she got back to me and said doctor is coming in, and george was dehydrated and that he would more than likely have to go into hospital. Doctor not come yet, but george has managed to sleep, so not sure what the outcome will be until doctor comes.

Can't believe how tired I feel like I am walking on air.

Love Yvonne xxxxxx

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Oh Yvonne, I'm so sorry things are so bad for you both. If George does go into hospital I hope you manage to sleep. None of us can cope without sleep.

Sending you a big hug.



Oh Yvonne, that really stinks. Let us know what the outcome is please. Stay strong.

Sending love and hugs,



oh, the sleeplessness IS awful. I feel for you Yvonne, and really hope you get some rest while George is getting better. I'm worried about you!

My job often requires working long days, even overnight now and then, and I've joked that going without sleep is a great high - cheap, legal and nonfattening. When it's imposed like this and almost never-ending, it is pure torture.

I'm so glad for the weekend. I won't get any more sleep, but I won't have to go to the office and pretend to know what's going on for two whole days.

I'm wishing some peace for you, Yvonne. Let us know when you can what is going on. Hugs, Easterncedar


So sorry Yvnonne. Praying for some relief for both of you. Hopefully they will figure out some way to help him soon.


What did the doctor say, Yvonne? I hope you are sound asleep this minute, but will let us know how you and George are doing after you have had some rest. Love, Easterncedar


Oh, Yvonne, So sorry to hear this. I become a different person when deprived of sleep !! Then it feels so bad to have got angry when you know its not their fault.

We've all been there.

Thinking of you. Let us know how things progress. So glad you have found a lovely nurse. It makes a big difference.

Love and hugs, Jean x


Hi Yvonne, how is George this morning? Have you had any sleep? My last post to you got deleted, (there's a surprise!)

If George is in hospital now, please make sure YOU are getting rest! If they have managed to keep him at home, ask for extra emergency help, so you can have some sleep!

Lots of love



I am so sorry....I just wrote to Ellie, a 'newbie', who too has had issues with her husband's diagnosis and subsequent drs care. Do you have a regular gp that you can give a medical history to? Then other drs can access the info and make a better decision on how to care for your man!!!!! Or maybe you can just take his medical history with you....we are their BEST ADVOCATES, eh?

Well my best words of encouragement for the day is, WATER! If your hubby is dehydrated, be careful that you are not dehydrated as well.....You can more easily solve this problem than he can...

It's an awful feeling....You think you are sick...It feels like a hangover you may or may not want to eat or drink (water) But do it . We lose a liter a day, just sitting there......if we break a sweat its more than a liter! And its hard to get your mate to drink more than a cupful at a time (B's choking is getting worse) .

I'm going to attempt to make an (acronym?) using WATER:

W ait, am I thirsty, do I have a headache, is my Pee dark?

A lways drink water at least two cups an hour...

T ake water to the mate make sure they drink it!

E at your water! remember fruits and veggies have water in them!

R emember It's the electrolytes too! salts that must be replenished for H20 to work

Haha well theres a whole lot more I can say on this but I hope you get my jist. I buy Smart Water when I m feeling the 'hangover' of dehydration. It's just an electrolyte water....but Gatorade and things like it are good too....However if you want to make your own electolyte water I have a recipe: ;)

Electrolyte Water: (by Dr. Oz)

1 Liter of water (distilled is best)

1/2 tsp of baking soda (2ML)

2 Tbs of agave sugar (28 gm)

1/2 Tbs of sea salt (7gm)

Put you in a lemon juice to taste and chill and its not bad......It's not Smart Water but its a lot cheaper hahaha

And the sugar thing might be because of the water thing....At any rate good luck get some rest and drink some water! :)



I wish I knew how to be succinct !



George by ambulance to hospital on Friday late evening, nurse told Doctor, to visit George, at 3 o'clock they turned up at 9 o'clock, community nurse, was upset, she is going to put in a complaint, I feel happy about that.

First of all the nurse took a specimen, and phone me up saying she thought George would have to to hospital, he had some much protein in his urine, and something else, his sugar level was high, she explained all this to doctors, and you can see from the above how bothered they were.

We went to the hospital and they put him on a drip, and injected him with two lots of antibiotics, changed the catheter, and said he had a urine infection, and then once the drip had finished we could go home, told me if anything else happens, to take him back, why the did not keep him in to monitor him, I just don't understand why. We arrived home at 03.30 felt so tired driving home, we went straight to be, I was up at 8 o'clock, let George sleep.

There is still blood in the urine, just getting him to drink loads, and hopefully it was clear up. Feeling so tired just want to sleep, but have had to try and keep awake so I can sleep tonight. Thank you all for your kind words, and wishes, hope you all have a lovely weekend. Yvonne. Xxxxxxx


Hi Yvonne, glad George is home. At least you know he is getting good care!!! I know it's the weekend, but if you feel slightly worried, ring 999!!! Don't mess around, trying to get a doctor. I was told at Carers Group this week, we should NEVER call 111! It's not for people like us!!! If they don't like it, tough, your man is ill, if he needs medical attention, he needs it immediately, not 10 hours later!!!

Hope you sleep well tonight.

Lots of love


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Glad George is home but you must be a total mess. Why they didn't monitor him is beyond me. Try to rest as much as you can. Those urine infections are brutal as well as pneumonia. I feel for you, please keep letting us know how things are going.

Love and hugs,

audrey xoxoxo

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Dear Yvonne so sorry to hear you are having a tough time we will be thinking of you and praying for better times take care xx

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Thank you, if need be I will ring 999, feeling totally upset with doctors,

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Right now Don doesn't even have a neurologist. The one who was supposed to treat him here never returned my calls and don't know who to call or where to go. I am not a fan of any Dtrs and have a hard time trusting any of them.

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y, sorry bout G he isn the right [place at moment ..u need toget some sleep i know hat it s like when u cant ,,,,hang on in there

lol Jill



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