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Well just going to go to bed, and George fell over, I could not get him up, late to ring the children, I thought well let's use the alarm, pressed the button, told the lady George had a fall I could not get him up, she asked if he had hurt himself, I said I thought he was ok, just could not manage to get him up, she said they had no wardens anymore, we would have to home an ambulance, which could take 2 hours. I told her not to worry, I would try and get him up, which i

Managed to do after a good 15 minutes,

We have had this alarm for nearly two years never used it until today, I am thinking is it a waste of money?

Has anyone else got an alarm? What do you all think about them?

Trying to cut down on spending unnecessary things, because we have to pay for everything, weighing up should I cancel it our not, your comments would be much appreciated. Can't sleep know, not slept properly for nearly 2 years.

Yvonne xxxxxxxxxx

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What good is the alarm if they don't send help in a timely manner. I have one I am going to cancel as well. Waste of money unless the person is alone a lot.




Hello Yvonne, We too have an alarm , never used. We got it for when I have to leave my husband for short period to pop to shop or dentist or similar. Never used it yet , never thought of buzzing it myself as Myself and our two children are listed as the ones to be called. On two ocassions when my husband has fallen whilst I've been out he has not thought to press it either. We are having to move to a bungalow shortly , as the times I can leave him are less and less a nod shorter I shall no longer subscribe to it. Our neighbour regularly calls the a mbulance to pick her husband up since his stroke, at least once a week. My GP told me not to risk myself but to also call ambulance. However like. You I struggle on, last night for 30 mins but managed eventually. Xx


Yvonne, I forgot where you live. But we are in the U>S. and in the event there is a fall I call the EMT's. In my case with my insurance if I called for me I would have to pay $300 but not sure if that would be if they actually took me to the hospital. With Don's insurance there is no charge. As far as I am concerned I would dump the, 2 hour wait is not acceptable.


We are in the uk, going to get rid of it I think, will do a bit more research before I do, it is smoothing like 15 pound a month Yvonne xxxx.


We have got a doro mobile phone that has an sos button on it that rings my mobile in an emergency and that suits us. (Not that he falls now). My neighbours have got the careline button and if she has a fall and presses her button they phone an ambulance to go and pick her up. No different to me calling the ambulance when brian had a fall. Janexx




We have an alarm but have never used it for an emergency, only to test it. Our GP has said that I shouldn't even try to get G up but to ring for an ambulance, not tried that either, but with my neck deteriorating the time will soon come when I will.

We got the alarm mainly for peace of mind when I was out, in the rare times I do go out without G, I make sure she has the pendant on and it reassures her that shod she try and get up and fall if I'm out at least she can let someone know.


Hi Yvonne,

First, sleep. You can't NOT look after George if you can't sleep. I have just been to my GP and got some sleeping pills. Zopiclone, they are great. Mustn't take them too often, but great for those nights, you really must get some kip!!! They only last for about 7/8 hours, no hangover with them, apart from, I do feel calmer the next day. Sleep or pills? Also, I do wake if needed and not too dopey either, which is why I was reluctant to start taking pills. I have never had a good sleep pattern, what the kids started, menopause finished!!! But I have had more sleep this past week, than for years and I have only taken 3 tablets!

The alarm system - we have one. Yes, I agree it is expensive for what it is, but it does mean, I can leave S, for half an hour, with it around his neck. I know he will never use it, but it does give me peace of mind, if he did break his solemn promise of not move!!! Whether it works or not, I don't know, but nobody can tell me, I didn't do my bit, if S falls and they don't respond. Probably not the right attitude, but there is only so much a person can do, isn't there? I think all they do, is phone the first responder, then a carer or an ambulance. I expect, if George was hurt, they would contacted an ambulance for you!

Lots of love


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We live in a 55+ retirement village and all rooms have the pull alarm fitted. They check them monthly to ensure working and give peace of mind. Haven't needed to use as yet but others have and if its weekday work hours our Manager firstly uses the intercom to say he is on his way to us. If its out of hours the alarm goes through to our call centre who will call an ambulance for us or tell us what they are doing about the situation. If its not an ambulance need, we have a duty manager that lives 10 mins away and she is called out.


hi Yvonne I have an alarm but have never used it my wife rings the ambulance or gets the bloke over the road if I just cannot get up myself mate and I am putting on weight as well because my wife is only slieght person I am miles to heavy for her to lift I can think of better things to do with the money mate and im sure you can as well the bloke over the road is a carer and the poor bloke must think what have I let myself in for here because he said if you get stuck just give me a ring on the phone and I will pop over which I thought was dam good of him

so I get him a few beers now and again matey which he appreciates the only thing is about ringing the ambulance I heard that if you get them out twice in one day they will take you to hospital but i do not know for sure and that was in my country matey I do not know where abouts you live mate so not sure about your s matey =peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke;;;; the uk I should think matey see yer mate DONT GET UPSET THERES ALWAYS TOMORROW


YVONNE and I think I would have told the lady a bit more than that if she told me they never had any wardens on mate I would have said you @#@#$$$$%%%$ bloody well get some on what do you think im paying for'''';;;;;;;;;;;;;; I know its not her fault but she is the first one that represents the firm so give her a blast matey it makes me so angry when I hear of things like this peter jones queensland Australia an angry psp sufferer

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They are really for folk who are on their own. As others have said, when they pop out and leave their loved ones for short periods. My dad had one and I, as the first name on the list, frequently had calls from the lifeline office. For him, alone, it was brilliant. He even fell in the garage once and although they couldn't hear him, They rang me to tell me he had pressed the button but there was no response. if he told them he was hurt, they would call the ambulance before calling me.

If your husband is never alone there is not much point as you would be expected to call the ambulance.

Even if the ambulance would take two hours I never get my husband up now. I have an Elk which I used when he was able to roll on it and the ambulance staff use it now. My back is too precious to me and I have felt the consequences of strained muscles and a slipped disk. If he is on the floor I call the ambulance, put a pillow under his head and cover him up. On two occasions the ambulance has arrived before I've put the receiver down on the 999 call even though I've been told there will be a delay.

Take care.



Thank you all for your comments, I think most of you are right about if we need to pop out they have got it in case of an accident. Heady will take myself to the doctors, and see about my sleeping, could do with a good night sleep, I have had a headache for the last four weeks, it is not my glasses, I have just had my eyes tested and new glasses.

Love to you all. Yvonne xxxxxx


We use the community alarm , We both wear an alarm button , I do in case I have a fall . Myself . I am prone to be clumsy .

when we first started they pull turn up with an elk but because of cutbacks this has stopped . it you call them now all they do is ask u what is wrong and call and ambulance or ring one of th telephone Nos I have given them .

it is expensive but I am afraid to stop it no . if I am out at least he can press the button , not sure he would though now


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