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2 of 2: With Covid as your only consideration, what kind of prostate cancer patient conference would you prefer to attend through 2022?

1 of 2: With Covid as your only consideration, would you attend an in-person prostate cancer 2-day conference in New York City in 2022?

Would you please help keep our prostate cancer community a valuable resource by donating at https://malecare.org/donate We all thank you.

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You Can Train YouTube to value prostate cancer videos and help our community's videos reach more men, and raise prostate cancer awareness.

Have you completed the nine-question (5-10 minute) anonymous prostate cancer survey? Please Click here: https://bit.ly/3fUZAcu

How often should we email the new Prostate Cancer Newsletter? (Free Subscription Here: https://malecare.org/prostate-cancer-newsletter/ )

Would you use a ChatBot ( a messaging box that imitates human interaction) to get prostate cancer information?

If you had erectile dysfunction from surgery or radiation and took Cialis or Viagra to try to restore erections. Choose closest answer

Did Your Urologist TELL (SPEAK to) you about the risks, benefits and alternatives prior to having your first prostate cancer biopsy?

Did you ever see blood in your urine? For men who had radiation therapy, at any stage of their prostate cancer treatment.

I am diagnosed with one or several of the following, in addition to prostate cancer (multiple choice allowed):

Regarding your consultation/meeting time, do you feel that your my primary urologist:

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