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7 ketoDHEA?


This was posted on another group and want to share with you for comments. Thanks.

“7 ketoDHEA is an adrenal hormone that is available over the counter in the USA. Unlike DHEA, it does not degrade into testosterone and does not normally cause the dangerous side effects of prednisone. In alternative medical circles, it is considered the hormone of well-being as it tends to rise as people do joyful things, and it decreases with age and stress. Since it seems that in many cases ( certainly my own), PMR often occurs after a period of intense physical or mental stress, I decided to start taking it. LDN stands for low dose Naltrexone , which is an opioid antagonist ( quite similar to the drug Naloxone, which is given to counteract opiate overdoses.) There is some research that it helps ( usually in amounts of 1 to 4.5 mg, as opposed to the usual dose of 50 mg) with certain autoimmune conditions. The most robust research has been done on Crohn’s disease, but PMR is one of the conditions that it can help. It is a prescription medication and at the low doses used in autoimmune conditions, must be prepared by a compounding pharmacy. There are a number of articles or websites that can be Googled on both of these but the research doesn’t seem to be widely featured in the PMR community. I was disappointed when I bought Kate Gilbert, PhD’s book on PMR and GCA, that neither was mentioned, but maybe in a future edition, she will discuss them.”

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I have discussed the LDN with a top PMR research rheumy who says she has read all the research about it she can find and feels there is no evidence it is of any particular value in PMR or the like. It is used a bit in Scandinavia but I have never come across anyone saying it works for them.

This is in response to a different question about the 7ketoDHEA


but his comment does refer to the rather generalised miracle claims. Which usually mean it does not a lot in anything...

I'm a bit confused how you translated from 7ketoDHEA to LDN in the space of half a line...

Daylily2000 in reply to PMRpro

Hi, PMRpro. I have translated nothing, but copied another post to view here. I’d never heard of either of these meds.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Daylily2000

I meant translated in the sense of moved from one to another...

Hello, I’m confused. Is 7ketoDHEA the same as LDN??

I hate to say this but in my opinion 7ketoDHEA has a bit of the snake oil about it, it seems it is a panacea for a lot of things including weight loss, aging, improved memory, improved immune system and several more. People are prepared to lay out a fortune for some of those things although there is no proof it actually works.

I say where are the snake oils and the placebos and the panaceas when we really need them.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Hindags

Showing their true colours maybe?


Will it work or not, we with these chronic conditions get to the point where we will give anything a try...I’m about there!!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to daworm

No, even after 14 years I'm not there yet - unless it was under close supervision by my doctor. Then maybe.

piglette in reply to daworm

If you want to give it a try it is really up to you. See how you feel, but read up about it first and also check with your pharmacist that there are no problems with your current meds.

You may very well be onto to something; however, there have been 2 deaths that I know of and which were made public from overdosing, not intentionally. It is natural to the body, but declines with age. I asked my gynecologist about it; her response was to avoid because we really don't know what it does.

My question to her was not about PMR, but about well being in general. My question was just about DHEA,, not 7 keto DHEA . Because the KETO diet is all the rage now, It seems to be a marketing tactic to add in the KETO word ; if you do take it, make sure you don't take more than the recommended dose. Less is more. And better that you do so under a Dr's care.

There is a blood test that can measure DHEA in your blood. Do be careful.

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