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All good news!!


Went to see a new GP on Wednesday about my bumping heart and tinnitus. Checked blood pressure, far too high. Put me on meds, loads better today! Been to see the specialist today, all my blood tests were normal! Keeping me on 20mg of pred for now, new appointment for 24th July, after our cruise. Feel so much better knowing that the steroids are doing their job!

Other good news was that my hubby went to see the doc this week after suffering from ulcers all over his mouth. The GP fast tracked him a referral , they rang this morning with an appointment to see a cancer specialist. NOT cancer, yippee! He thinks it is Lichen Planus that can be caused by stress. Strangely enough, it started around the same time as I was diagnosed with GCA. He was very worried about me at the time, and when speaking to the Maxilliary facial specialist, he said that could well have been the cause. He has to have a biopsy done before we go on our cruise ( 2 weeks tomorrow), but all seems to be heading in the right direction. We both feel pretty damn goo today. Wowser, let's hope the bubble doesn't burst.

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Have a wonderful time!

JanboC in reply to HeronNS

Thank you, we will try our best x

What a relief for you both! Hopefully now you can enjoy a sublime, relaxing cruise and both begin the road to recovery. I hope it’s wonderful!

JanboC in reply to SheffieldJane

Thanks, yes it is a great relief, and we intend to enjoy our cruise, Thanks for your best wishes.+

50 years ago I was diagnosed with Tinnitis. I had perfect hearing (could even hear the music in the waiting room from sound proof booth). Doctor did nothing for me, I figured out it was a short in my heating pad. Use only hot water bottles now.

Wonderful news after all you both must have gone through - have yourselves a fantastic time on the cruise!

So pleased for you both! Have a wonderful cruise and just relax!!

Thanks for all your goodwishes everyone

I have had Lichen Planus off and on since I was in my 20’s. I’ve had biopsies quite a few times just to make sure of what it was. I am now 71 and see an oral pathologist once each year. We just keep an eye on it.

JanboC in reply to Lanakay

Hi Lanakay, What sort have treatment have you had please?

Good news all round and pleased you are feeling much better.

Best wishes to you both and enjoy your cruise, reminds me of ours last year, the most relaxing time ever. Enjoy!


Sounds good just don’t overdo it. At 20 mg I developed the heart bumping all around and was given metoporol. It is weird because this med really calmed my heart down. Hope all continues to go well for you.


JanboC in reply to Hidden

My heart bumping is much calmer now, it's still there but not as bad. I have been prescribed Amlipodine for high blood pressure. Even the tinnitus noise has lessened, but still there.

Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated

Hidden in reply to JanboC

I also take amlodipine for high blood pressure. My tinnitus is not constant, if I bite down, zing. It used to be if I rubbed my face or scalp it would zing,zing zing. It is weird but then so am I...


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