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Knowledgeable physiotherapist


I had an appointment booked with a specialist physiotherapist before I was told I have PMr and after reading in the forum that specialists don’t always know what it is let alone how to deal with I wasn’t expecting much today. I told him about issues in reference to shoulder, total shoulder replacement and damaged nerve and just threw in at end “oh and I have just been told by gp I have pmr”

My very clever physio then asked how my gp had diagnosed it, did I have raised markers, had Pred made a difference and had he referred me? He then went on to say “it’s more common in the 50s than doctors realise”

I am keeping this physio!!

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Absolutely. 🌟

I too see a 'knowledgeable physiotherapist' and am in awe of Health Professionals who really help us on this 'journey'.

Best wishes.

piglette in reply to Rugger

I have a brilliant osteopath, a couple of years ago she moved to Canada and I went though a couple of physios and an osteopath who were pretty second rate. My wonderful osteopath has now come back to U.K. hurrah!

So happy you have a good person, Never heard of a physiotherapist until this week. Decreasing to 3mg Pred and got pain on side of one leg from knee to ankle. Rheumatlogist recommended physiotherapist who is an MD.

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to Sandy1947

Must admit I have been seeing physios for years since my shoulder operations started about 14 years ago and even more recently after shoulder replacement 2 years ago damaged a nerve and most are ok but nothing special but this one is a specialist in shoulders and he is brill and the fact he even knew what pmr was made him god like in my eyes!! You are obviously doing fairly well to be down to 3mg so good luck with the rest of your decreasex

Thanks! Feel good!

Keep him!!

How wonderful to be under the care of a knowledgeable physiotherapist.

I’ve been going to one for two months as Ortho surgeon wants me to strengthen quads to help with OA in knees. Physio had never heard of PMR, hence was not aware of how repetitive movements can cause DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), so she assigned the same exercises but advised me to increase repitions AND add weight. Yikes! Just can’t do that at this stage, nor do I want to spur on a flare, so advised them I am taking a break.

You are in good hands and your physiotherapist sounds like a keeper!! Keep us posted.

piglette in reply to PMRCanada

I was very lucky, my osteopath had had experience with PMR and often says she is not able to do certain things as she normally would because of the PMR. I did go to one lady who had never heard of PMR and also thought she knew everything and I had a really bad flare after seeing her, I have not been back.

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to piglette

It doesn’t matter about their title as long as they know their job. Thankfully you have a good osteopath now and I am not letting go of this one any time soon. Besides he’s quite cute!!!

Bonus (grin).

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