Hot flushes, sweating and hot weather!

Hot flushes, sweating and hot weather!

I am here seems a good place to let off steam. I know that coffee, chocolate ect are not helpful (I don't drink often enough to worry about alcohol) but have no plans to be hot and pee'd off and missing out on food I like.

Have done a search so know that the sweats are down to steroids....I never sweated with hot flushes from menopause and just assumed that the sweats were new symptoms of Meno. The temps here in France have been in the high 30's for 6 days and I have been spending each day indoors with a fan on, and all night with a fan on. It's just cooled down to 28 today and will cool overnight to 14 which will be fantastic.

I have a good life, I have everything I need.....but am just feeling pee'd off with feeling constantly hot.

Thanks for listening :)

Oh and I am adding a photo which has nothing whatsoever to do with being hot but shows where I live and was impressionised using some photo software, possibly PRISMA. I am the short fat one :)

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  • Great picture Idasmum, cruel description, you look very nice. You're not alone with the blessed heat. Cold sweat rivulets roll down the sides of my face and drip on to my arms. It is reminiscent of the long past Menopause for me. The fan is a blessing in bed at night. I find putting my arms in a sink of cold water for a few minutes in the day can cool my blood. Also an old fashioned Spanish fan helps. Of all the symptoms this one bothers me least, I don't seem to be in much pain when I get a hot flush. Mind you it can be a bit embarrassing. My husband has always been very hot blooded and is like this anyway, particularly after spicy food.. We'll miss it when winter comes I bet.

  • Hi,

    Sure your husband would be impressed that you describe him as hot-blooded! But probably doesn't mean it in the same context😉 Made me smile on a Monday morning, but that's my sense of humour!

  • More the pink Scottish type than the swarthy Latino I'm afraid!

  • I have dripped through the hot weather. The worst is Sunday morning with full clerical gear on. Yesterday I was beyond hot. Every sympathy.

  • You need to hide a couple of cooling pads under your robes. ;)

  • Try Evening Primrose Oil and Extract of Sage.

    Check both of these out with a Pharmacist to see if they are compatible with all the prescribed medication you are taking before you purchase.

    They can and do help some of us, but remember we are all different and what works for one, does not always work for another.

  • I think we should all be size 8 with all this perspiring! I couldn't live without my Chillow. Cooling mats and gel pillows are selling like hot cakes everywhere. I'm thinking of sewing them all together and making myself a Chill Suit! 😰

  • Now that sounds like a really good idea!

  • Two much cooler days! No hot flush until 11pm last night......I am loving it. The weather is due to reheat today....but I am happy to have enjoyed two good days :)

  • Where is it? Life with PMR in the southern climes of Europe requires a handy fan...

    It isn't JUST the pred - PMR does it too I can assure you after having had 5 years of PMR with no pred. But I suffered summer and winter - OH had the heating on and I had the window open and wore summer clothes...

  • Me all year round, apart from when I am cold :)

    Mid SW France.....heating up to 29C today...but a breeze from the NW so will manage to sit beneath a parasol on the back terrace.

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