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Hip surgery


I was diagnosed with PMR last October, on steroids of 20 mg at the moment, pain in lower body never really eased. Yesterday consultant told me I need hip replacement . But steroids will have to be reduced to well below 10 before this can be considered.

Can anyone inform me if they have had hip surgery and at what level of steroids they were on, we're there any complications due to the steroids....thanks.

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I had a hip replacement February last year and will be having a knee replacement soon. I have been on 5mg throughout, with absolutely no problems - the hip replacement has been brilliant.

Thanks for that, I am now on the road to reducing......

Hi jeanjean,

RA and GCA since 2009...I had both hips replaced, one in Nov 2014 and the other in March 2015. When I went for preliminary interview I was told that I'd have to drop from the 15mg I was on to below 10mg. In the event, I managed to get to 12mg for the first one, and they seemed ok about it. Got to 10 for the second.

No problems with infection, but I developed bursitis in both hips two or three months later, for which I'm about to have injections. Hope that helps and good luck with the ops!

Jeanjean16 in reply to venezia1

I was told I would have to reduce to about 5, so it's encouraging that you only had to get down to12.....


Look for another surgeon. I know at least 2 ladies who have had hip replacements while on 10mg - all their surgeons were interested in was that they were stable. If you have been on 20mg since October and are STILL in pain you aren't going to be down to 5mg any time soon - and the 2 ladies I mentioned both found they were able to reduce after surgery - as if the pain of the hips was feeding the PMR pain.

It is actually MORE risky to make patients reduce and then subject them to the insult (in the medical sense) of surgery. For patients with PMR it is sort of helpful to be mobile for rehab - being as you need to be able to use a zimmer or crutches for a short time. During and post surgery you will be monitored closely for signs of an adrenal crisis.

Where in the UK are you? One of the ladies was in the Cambridge area - so there is an orthopaedic surgeon there who will operate at 10mg - maybe more. It might be worth writing to some and enquiring if they would at least assess you. It doesn't leave you any worse off.

Jeanjean16 in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for the info, I live in Swansea. Only now been referred to hip surgeon, waiting lists here are not very good, so it could be quite a while.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jeanjean16

Ah - 'nuff said.

I had surgery on my shoulder 3 months a go , I was on 10mg of Pred at the time and had No side effects what so ever, I also was concerned at the time but everything went well , good luck , remember our condition can be driven and flared up by stress so try not to worry , I'm sure you will be in good hands .😀👍

Knee replacement 4 months back 20 mg pred absolutely no problems at all, best of luck

I need hip replacement too, OA/ Need to reduce to 10mg, on 13 now, so should be ready about July,

Can't walk so bought scooter.

I am in a similar situation, PMR since last August and arthritis in my hips started a few weeks later. I am about to be assessed for hip replacement. It developed so suddenly, from walking 2 miles (on steroids) to only 100 yards within a few weeks. Is there a connection with PMR or is it coincidence? Has anyone had a Dr give an opinion?

Thank you for info...same with me, I never had any problems with my hips before I was diagnosed with PMR. I thought the pain in my hips and thighs was the PMR. I was very surprised when consultant said I was being referred to hip surgeon.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Amanda_iona

Have they confirmed it is OA? Similar pain can be caused by trochanteric bursitis - and that IS often part of PMR. And I suppose that if you are borderline but still able to walk, the PMR could attack the synovium (the lining of the joint) and cause trouble quite quickly.

Amanda_iona in reply to PMRpro

Yes it definitely is osteoarthritis, the Xray showed considerable damage to the hip and I have very little movement in that hip compared to the other.

I had a hip replacement in May 2013. I had been on prednisolone for the previous five years and had reduced to 1 mg. per day. The pharmacist at my pre-op interview said on no account to reduce any further until the op and recovery was well behind me. This I achieved in October 2013 and have been ok ever since though was and am still surprised at how long it took to get to feeling like my proper self again. Nothing to do with the hip which was wonderful.

Very best of luck

I had a knee replacement with PMR and on 15 mg of pred. All went well. They give you extra cortisone for your adrenals. It will be fine.

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