New hip

Hip hip hooray, had my surgery yesterday....all went well without and hitches.

Been out of bed for an hour or two, painfull but do able!

However the orderly supervision me gettin back into bed, had no sympathy for the fact I have PMR , she said she has had it for years, has never taken steroids or's all in the mind..get on with it she said. Just the response you need when you feel at your most vulnerable.

Never mind all the others are great .

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  • Hi Jean, so glad things went well and you are already up. Did the orderly really have PMR or is she muddling it up with something else I wonder! She does not sound the most empathatic person in the world.

  • I am so pleased that you have had your surgery and all has gone well. Good for you managing to get out of bed for a while too.

    I am stunned that you got no sympathy from a fellow PMR sufferer though! Before starting on the preds I couldn't even turn over in bed without a great deal of difficulty even with two functional hips, had to lift my legs up to get out of the car etc. I don't think I was imagining it! I think I would have been tempted to have a swing at her and to blame it on the heavy duty drugs you must be on! Certainly no thank you for looking after me goodies for her....

    All best wishes for a speedy and pain free recovery Xx💊🤒

  • So glad all is ok

    take it easy and good luck

    Its true PMR is all in the mind her mind she thinks she has it

    Rest of us think we don't

    Take Care Rose

  • Glad it all went well, I had a very strange ward doctor after mine, learning I had PMR she kept wanting to give me enemas! I suspect she was muddling it up with something else (I dare not think what) as medical patients on a surgical ward do sometimes confuse the staff.

  • I'd put in a complaint to her supervisor. That is not acceptable.

    She may think she has PMR (I doubt it somehow) but I wonder how she would feel if you'd told her it is all in HER mind...

  • Great news

    Hope youwill now go from strength to strength.


  • So pleased for you, wishing you a speedy recovery. x (Don't take any notice...)

  • Happy that your surgery went well. Sorry that you met one of the energy leachers who seem to get a kick out of being passively aggressive. When it happens to me I find that I'm more interested in what it must be like to be that person than I am in feeling the dismay they've directed at me. If that makes sense. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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