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Diagnosed in October 2015 here in Spain, purely on history and symptoms. No blood tests taken. Started on 10mg prednisone which I know is lower than a normal starting dose but it was effective after 2 days. I am now on dead slow tapering which I'm managing myself after GP wanted me to cut down to 5mg (didn't work - back on 10mg after 2 days!) Spain don't do 1mg tabs so I am having buy 2.5mg and cut in quarters so my reduction is .625mg at a time. Thank god for a pill cutter! Since Xmas I have had 2 very buts of epistaxis (nose bleed) which have required me to see the emergency doctor at our 'centro salud'. I had one yesterday which just started while watching TV but I have been recovering from a cold and which eventually stopped at the surgery. My question is - does PMR or being on steroids increase the likelihood of bleeding, especially if a particular part of your body is susceptible (e.g.after a cold)? I also have osteoporosis and osteopaenia diagnosed 3 years ago. Taking Calcium and Vit D supplements, Magnesium and Vitamin K2.

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The nosebleeds could be a result of steroids thinning the blood - when I was on steroids, burst blood vessels in my eyes were a regular feature. However, as your nosebleeds have occurred only recently following your cold, then that could be the culprit. I say that because although I am off steroids, I, too, have just got over a heavy cold and have also been having nosebleeds, a couple of them quite heavy, possibly due to the constant sneezing causing a burst blood vessel. The only other thing I would suggest is having a blood pressure check to rule out the cause being raised BP which can also result in nosebleeds.


BP is fine - I have hypertension but kept well under control with medication. I monitor it every day and at the surgery last night it was 128/76


As Celtic says, pred makes the capillaries more fragile so you bruise more easily in general. The trouble is, once you damage the small blood vessels in your nose they sometimes can be reluctant to heal - especially if you blow your nose much. When you went to the emergency doctor what did he do? Did he suggest cauterisation of the blood vessel if it is the same one that is bleeding?



I have had several slight nose bleeds on preds over Xmas not normal for me also irritation in the nose.

Called into Boots informed its due to preds thining the skin

Purchased Sniffle Bass for babies no prolems just simple Nasal



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