Acute Adhesions & Constant Pain

I am suffering terrible permanent pain which has gone on for some 5 years now and is getting even worse with no help whatsoever from my gyneacologist or GP. I have had loads of surgery which has brought about severe adhesions, theey dont want to operate again because they are saying it will only make the matter worse. I sit huddled up with a hot water bottle for comfort NOT relief I live in East Anglia now can anyone give me advice please

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  • Hi Sandy,

    What was the surgery for ? are you able to get around/out/work at all ?

    Have you seen a physio and do you take any medication ?

    Are you far from Colchester ?

  • Hi,sorry I dont have any answers but I know exactly how you feel, as I am reading on here I am amazed how many people have similar problems.It has been 3 years for me and still no answers, I feel your pain.Just wanted to pass on big hugs, and to let you know you are not alone.Have you been referred to a pain clinic, may be they could help????

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