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I have been diagnosed with adhesions after several months of investigation and having a full hysterectomy in 2010. The adhesions came about after several ops but mainly the hysterectomy.

I am on a lot of high dosage pure morphine tablets and nerve tablets, is this something i am going to have to take for the rest of my life?

I thought i would be able to return back to my full time office role but i only lasted 2 weeks and was in severe agony, back to stage 1 i am feeling really down about the whole thing new life cant work, have to use a walking stick and back brace...... Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?????

I would love to hear from anyone who has adhesions and an help how to deal with them. I have also been referred to the COPE team to try and help me manage the pain......

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Hello, I am actually the National Patient Advocate, for Chronic Pelvic Pain for the IPPS and also have a website, and international radio show that all of the past shows can be listened too.

here is the show link

For the best answer to this question on adhesions , PLEASE listen to the show from March 13TH, we talk about adhesions and scar tissue in much details mid show

thats the direct link to the show, but you can also find it by going to the show website too

In fact, I also want to suggest you look through my website

I have a very complex story and have just went through my 7th surgery in 3 yrs...

I KNOW what you are going through...

Hugs hope and healing


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Sorry the link for the show was not typed in correctly


then type Pelvic Messenger into the search box

Or again lastly, I posted the direct link for the show from March 13th...

hope this helps


Hi Miche,

I read your introduction and your message about how useful you and your husband found the information on adhesions on the website. It took a long time to research and put the information together, get it reviewed by health professionals and patients under the Information Standard. I wrote the web page, have personal experience of dense adhesions and severe pain which was disabling for years. There are things that can help and you may be able to reduce the medication you take with time . There are several people here who have done/are doing the course you mention.

Did you have a hysterectomy following surgeries for endometriosis ?



wow, you are very inspiring and really think you have done a good job of starting up this website and putting so much in to it :-)


In answer to your question yes I did have a hysterectomy after other treatments for endometriosis, which is why I am now thinking should I just have put up with all the pain and bleeding I was getting pre hysterectomy :-( as I feel as though my life has worsened just without the bleeding.... Still on pain relief, just stronger morphine.... Hey Hoo life goes on eh?


Miche x


I had a lap in march and I don't know exactly what they did until my appointment in august. 3 years ago I had a cyst that burst on my ovary and I haven't been the same since. 3 years many tests and 3rd lap they found adhesions on my ovary and abdomin and they've said it's chronic pelvic. I'm on so much pain meds and don't know until August what can be done yet x


I have had the same problem with the cyst that burst then caused infection now I am dealing with adhesions having just had another lap to free them


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