hi i had a ectopic six years ago i ended up with severe adhesions two years after the ectopic i had surgery to remove them due to pain. Then another two years on there back and much worse so no one will help im on morphine tramadol amitriptyline and walk with a stick the pain has ruined my life i look permanently pregnant due to swelling and i can't have children so mentally its very taxing. \it feels as if no one will touch me with a barge pole all i seem to get is we can't do anything take your pills but if i take what they say i can barely talk if someone could possible give advice on a good doctor that might help i will try anything that could bring back some normality to my life and body i would be so grateful. From reading blogs on here i see i'm not alone if this is the case i would have thought research would have been done to help us i feel for u all xxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi am going through problems at the moment. I found someone that could help. But he can only do something if it requires a complete "clear out". But I need a lap first to see, whhich he ddoesn't do. So my GP is helping me to find one.

    In the meantime I take tramadol, cocodamol, sertraline, Naprxen and others. Before diagnosis was offered nerve blocks but as not sure at the time and duue to having vasa vagal syncope chose not to.


  • I feel for you. I am in the same position, it's quite scary reading yours as I could be writing about myself. Mine started off as an ectopic e in 1999 and since then have had 7 ops. I too am in constant pain and have been to a&e several times in the past year alone. I have seen endless doctors, some privately to get an answer to the pains I'm in. 2011 I did have some adhesions removed from around my bowel, and on the report after said there was some adhesions on the site where my gal bladder was. Yet I have seen doctors that tell me adhesions do not cause pain... Like you I am now at the end of my tether.

    Nice though to read someone is in the same boat and I'm not going mad!!


  • Dear,

    You should use Staphysagaria 30. 10 drop thrice a day. you will recover from you back bone pain and also pelvic pain.

  • Can I ask what makes you think this will help ? there isn't any evidence to show this !

  • So sorry to read of your situation. I miscarried twice in my thirties and then wasn't able to conceive again. At forty I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis and adhesions and had a hysterectomy. The adhesions returned, which, as I understand it, is common, and I had further surgery four years later to remove them. For the following twelve years I managed to cope with the discomfort and pain, helped, I believe by sticking to a gluten-free diet. Last year the pain level increased dramatically and I started to investigate the possibility of finding a surgeon who specialised in this work as my previous surgeon had retired. I had an abdominal scan which showed that my adhesions were extensive and had fused the large bowel and bladder together, there were also a number of bad kinks in the large bowel due to the adhesions. I underwent laparascopic surgery with Mr David Lloyd in Leicester last October and the results were very good - once I had recovered from the operation I was almost completely free of pain and have remained so, providing I stay mostly gluten-free. In my case the gluten definitely plays a part in the problem, despite biopsies for coeliac disease coming back negative. I know that there is a strong chance that the adhesions will build up again, but the methods of dealing with the problem have improved so much since my first operation that I would be far less anxious about further surgery in the future. I hope this helps, the best advice I can pass on is for you to try and find a consultant in your area who is a specialist in adhesions (not just a general surgeon), is easy to talk to and understands just how painful they can be. You need someone who listens carefully to what you are telling him or her, without interrupting and coming up with an answer before properly investigating your own particular situation because no two cases are the same. Best wishes, I do hope you can get some help.

  • My mum is under a surgeon called Mr wedgewood at Castle Hill hospital in Hull. She suffers the worst adhesions that they have ever seen in that hospital. He is a good surgeon but I would not recommend surgery to anyone with adhesions unless they are so severe they affect your daily life. My mum has had 10 operations the last time she nearly didn't make it. Surgery causes more adhesions. I am on here trying to find someone going through the same as my mum she feels so alone and is in constant pain. If anyone would like to get in touch that would be great

  • A good place to check out is they do physical therapy specifically for pelvic adhesions. All the best!

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