Sacral nerve stimulator block

After numerous surgical procedures in and around the pelvic area, I am left in agony every time I pass urine, which continues for sometime after. Lots of tests and and trials after I am now to undergo a trial on the sacral nerve block. Has anyone had this procedure that could inform me please of any good and bad situations from having this as I like to weigh up all the information available to me. I have also deferred surgery for 6 months whereby it's intended to do a repair to my vaginal and rectal prolapse. This has to be done vaginally as my pelvic area is too hostile to be opened up again. If anyone can share their experience of this procedure I would also be great full as this one does terrify me in it going wrong and what I'm left with. I'm in constant pain and often present to a&e with violent bouts of nausea whereby my small bowel has twisted and caused a blockage. Life's not great by any standard right now so I'm hopeful there's a light at the end of these procedures. I just don't think I could face things being worse than they are right now.

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  • Oh gosh, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you dealing with all of this! It really makes me crazy that the medical profession doesn't have more answers. Stay strong and stay positive. Remember: The law of attraction. We are what we think about. Hugs to you xx

  • Thankyou for your kind words, it's been a very long road of illness/treatment and surgical procedures, but I do on the surface put a smile on and keep going, it's just underneath I'm not so confident. Really need my life back and not have each day dictated by foods I can tolerate and balancing meds = pain - being completely useless and sleepy.

    Oh the joys ha x

  • Have you been treated for pudendal nerve issues? Have you tried compound suppositories with gabapentin lidocaine and Valium?

  • Hi. Yes all been tried. I've a very extensive surgical history. Been trying all that's been offered for the last 2 years. I've now come to the end of the line so to speak and this procedure is apparently my only hope of relieving some symptoms.

  • I have prolapses but I can manage them. And as I have Pudendal nerve pain from Posterior and Anterior operation, I would never consider going for repairs for prolapses. But that is just me.

    Avoid lifting, standing and straining for 6 months and see if there is an improvement would be my advice. Of course your prolapses may be a lot worse than mine. But you could also ask for a second opinion regarding the operation.

  • Thanks for the advise much appreciated. I've sought a second option by a surgeon whom I've known for many years and he advises not to go ahead with the surgery. Actually went on to say given my past medical history it would be medial negligence on their part and I could end up a lot worse than I am currently. so I plan to cancel indefinitely and see how the sacrel nerve block works.

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